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Current MLA:

New constituency



Monica Ell
Lewis Lehman
Mikidjuk Akavak
Paulie Sammurtok


Constituency Profile:


This district is essential Iqaluit (pop. 6813) with a mix of old and new, rich and poor, Inuit and non-Inuit. Government infrastructure is everywhere, including the legislative assembly, City Hall, the courthouse, the hospital, RCMP headquarters, and the main office of Nunavut Tunngavik Inc. All of industrial Iqaluit is here, as well as the airport and the scrappy beach where the annual sealift is landed. 

Many voters here live in the low-key residential neighborhood called Lower Base – a name that recalls Iqaluit’s days as a U.S. military air station. Another crop of voters live in the four-building Inuksugait apartment complex; more live in the residential units next to Nunavut Arctic College. However, the largest and growing group of voters occupy the lofty heights of the Plateau subdivision – the city’s newest and wealthiest neighborhood, where suburban Arctic villas butt up against brightly coloured apartment units.


Iqaluit – Manirajak (“flat piece of land” in Inuktitut) loosely replaces the Iqaluit West constituency (losing some of the beachfront residential area and gaining the plateau).




Monica Ell is the candidate to beat here. She won the former Iqaluit West seat by a large margin in a 2011 by-election. Eight months later, she was elected to cabinet where she was handed responsibility for the new department of Family Services, homelessness, the status of women and the Qulliq Energy Corporation.


Before Ell, Premier Paul Okalik held the Iqaluit West seat for 12 years. This year, he’s running for election in the new constituency of Iqaluit - Sinaa, which also includes parts of the former Iqaluit West area.


2011 Iqaluit West By-election

Tuutalik Boychuck  38 (9%)
Kirt Ejesiak   158  (37%)
Monica Ell  230 (53%)
Turnout  53% 


2008 Iqaluit West
Paul Okalik   340 (53%)
Elisapee Sheutiapik   296 (46%)

Turnout  90%


2004 Iqaluit West
Paul Okalik    415   (77%)
Doug Workman    124   (23%)

Turnout   75%


1999 Iqaluit West
Paul Okalik   334    (51%)
Ben Ell    166    (25%)
Matthew Spence  160   (24%)

Turnout    82%

1995 Iqaluit
Edward Picco   695   (48%)
Mary Ekho-Wilman   644   (45%)
Gordon McIntosh    100   (7%)

Turnout     105%

1991 Iqaluit
Dennis Patterson   866   (60%)
Val Haas    405   (28%)
Bryan Pearson    169   (12%)

Turnout    90%