Party Candidate Votes Status
48/48 polls Updated: Oct. 9, 2013 12:03 AM EDT
PC Allan MacMaster 3,825 Elected
LIB Jackie Rankin 3,198
NDP Michelle A. Smith 678

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District profile:

This is the biggest district by land size in Cape Breton. It's largely rural and wooded and encompasses most of Inverness County, including the Whycocomagh Reserve. It was created in 1993 from most of the Inverness North and Inverness South districts.

In 2012, the provincial electoral district boundaries were redrawn and Inverness lost the town of Port Hawkesbury to the newly created district of Cape Breton-Richmond.

Inverness stretches from the Canso Causeway in the south, all the way up the western side of the island to Meat Cove at the northern tip. It's home to the Inverness Miners' Museum and the Margaree Salmon Museum.

The main population centres are Port Hood and Port Hastings, as well as the village of Inverness.

The service sector is the biggest employer, while fishing, forestry and tourism are the mainstays of the economy.

Political history:

Progressive Conservative Billy Joe MacLean, the current mayor of Port Hawkesbury, held Inverness South during much of the 1980s, while Liberal John Archie MacKenzie was a mainstay in the northern portion.

Progressive Conservative Rodney MacDonald, the former premier, had a lock on the district for a decade starting in 1999.

The professional fiddler and former high school teacher resigned the leadership of the province's Progressive Conservatives in 2009 after his party lost to the NDP and was reduced to third-place status in the election that year. MacDonald resigned his Inverness seat several months later.

The district remained Tory blue in a nail-biting byelection held in October 2009, when Progressive Conservative Allan MacMaster squeaked out a win with 3,155 votes, a 50-vote margin over Liberal Ian McNeil, who polled 3,105 votes.

  • 2009: Progressive Conservative Allan MacMaster wins a byelection in a tight race with Liberal Ian McNeil. MacMaster wins by 50 votes.
  • 2009: Former Progressive Conservative premier Rodney MacDonald takes Inverness with 5,412 votes, more than double the amount of his closest competitor.
  • 2006: Rodney MacDonald steamrolls to victory with more than 70 per cent of the vote.
  • 2003: Rodney MacDonald receives 51 per cent of the vote to defeat Liberal Debbie Gillis by 1,527 votes. New Democrat Tim Murphy of comes in third.
  • 1999: Rodney MacDonald defeats Liberal Charles MacDonald by 327 votes. New Democrat Roy Yipp is third.
  • 1998: Charles MacDonald defeats New Democrat Maria Coady by 2,100 votes. Progressive Conservative Randy MacDonald is third.
  • 1993: Liberal Charles MacArthur receives 60 per cent of the vote to win easily over Progressive Conservative Frank Crowdis. New Democrat Mary Goodwin comes in third.