Party Candidate Votes Status
40/40 polls Updated: Oct. 9, 2013 12:03 AM EDT
LIB Joyce Treen 3,057 Elected
NDP Becky Kent 2,914
PC Lloyd Jackson 1,555

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District profile:

This district includes the coastal communities of Cow Bay and Eastern Passage, where CFB Shearwater is the largest source of employment for both military and civilian personnel. The Mi'kmaq First Nations reserve is also part of the district.

This eastern part of Metro Halifax, a mainly middle-class district, includes small businesses and retail as well as fish-processing businesses. Landmarks include beaches, a golf course and the Cow Bay "Moose" — a statue overlooking the ocean.

In 2012, the provincial electoral district boundaries were redrawn and Cole Harbour-Eastern Passage expanded westward to gain the area south of Russell Lake and east of Highway 111 from the former district of Dartmouth South-Portland Valley.

Political history:

This district has belonged to the NDP for more than a decade. New Democrat Kevin Deveaux was a mainstay in this riding in the 2000s, winning four elections in a row since 1998.

In January 2007, Deveaux announced he'd be leaving the district to assume a United Nations posting in Vietnam. A byelection was held in October of that year.

Becky Kent held the seat for the New Democrats, taking 44 per cent of the vote.

  • 2009: New Democrat Becky Kent wins handily with 4,402 votes, more than four times the votes of her closest rival, Progressive Conservative Lloyd Jackson.
  • 2007: Becky Kent defeats Progressive Conservative Mike Eddy by 596 votes to keep the district in NDP hands. Liberal Kelly Rambeau is a distant third.
  • 2006: New Democrat Kevin Deveaux is elected with more than three times the votes of his nearest rival, Progressive Conservative Don McIver.
  • 2003: Kevin Deveauxwins by 2,356 votes over Progressive Conservative Harry McInroy. Liberal Brian Churchill comes in third.
  • 1999: Kevin Deveaux squeaks past Progressive Conservative Nadine Cooper Mont by 182 votes.
  • 1998: Kevin Deveaux defeats second-place finisher Liberal Randy Anstey by 1,108 votes.
  • 1993: Liberal Dennis Richards defeats Progressive Conservative John Gold by 1,293 votes.