Party Candidate Votes Status
43/43 polls Updated: Oct. 9, 2013 12:03 AM EDT
NDP Frank Corbett 3,440 Elected
LIB Dave Wilton 3,282
PC Edna Lee 873

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District profile:

This district includes the town of New Waterford, as well as Reserve Mines and a part of the town of Dominion.

It's an area with a rich mining history – but the last coal mine in the riding, Phelan, closed in 1999. Many of the people living in this riding are former coal miners.

In 2012, the provincial electoral district boundaries were redrawn and Cape Breton Centre expanded southwest toward Sydney to include South Bar, Lingan Road and part of Grand Lake Road areas from the former district of Cape Breton Nova.

Political history:

The New Democrats have dominated the provincial politics of Cape Breton Centre in recent years, winning the past five elections.

Before that, the Liberals held the seat for almost a decade. No Progressive Conservative has won here in almost three decades.

  • 2009: New Democrat Frank Corbett wins the district in a landslide with 5,258 votes, more than six times the number of votes of his closest rival, Liberal Joe MacPherson.
  • 2006: Frank Corbett is elected for the fourth time, beating Progressive Conservative Darren Bruckschwaiger by more than 1,200 votes. Liberal Laura Lee MacDonald finishes a close third.
  • 2003: Frank Corbett is re-elected by less than 500 votes over Liberal Basil McGillivray. The Progressive Conservatives are a distant third.
  • 1999: Frank Corbett receives 4,042 votes to defeat Liberal Susan Marsh Deruelle, who receives 2,985 votes. Progressive Conservative candidate John Morrissey has 446 votes.
  • 1998: Frank Corbett defeats Liberal Steve Drake by about 3,000 votes. Progressive Conservative Julien Frison is a distant third.
  • 1993: Liberal Russell MacNeil defeats New Democrat Victor Tomiczek by about 3,000 votes. Julien Frison is third for the Progressive Conservatives.
  • 1990: Russell MacNeil defeats New Democrat John Stevens by 800 votes in a special byelection.
  • 1989: Russell MacNeil defeats Progressive Conservative "Big" Harold MacDonald by three votes in a byelection. The result is later declared void.
  • 1988: Liberal Buzzy Connors defeats Harold MacDonald by 1,471 votes.