Party Candidate Votes Status
41/41 polls Updated: Oct. 9, 2013 12:03 AM EDT
PC Chris d'Entremont 3,931 Elected
LIB Kent Blades 2,909
NDP Kenn Baynton 355

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District profile:

The district, at the southern tip of Nova Scotia, is home to several small coastal communities including Wedgeport, Argyle and the various Pubnicos, from Lower East to Lower West. The area has a strong Acadian heritage and is predominantly French-speaking, although there are many English descendants of Loyalist families.

Fishing is the economic mainstay of the area, although manufacturing and the service sector are significant employers.

Argyle-Barrington is home to the Tuna Sport Fishing Museum in Wedgeport and a recreated historic Acadian village at West Pubnico.

In 2012, the provincial electoral district boundaries were redrawn and the new district of Argyle-Barrington was created by combining the former district of Argyle and adding the Municipality of the Barrington and the town of Clark's Harbour from the former electoral district of Shelburne.

Political history:

This district does not have an incumbent candidate due to the electoral boundary changes made in 2012. Argyle-Barrington was created with 100 per cent of the former district of Argyle and 52 per cent of the former district of Shelburne.

In the 2009 general election, Progressive Conservative Chris d'Entremont was elected in the former district of Argyle and New Democrat Sterling Belliveau was elected in the former district of Shelburne.

The former district of Argyle has leaned towards Tory blue for more than three decades, with d’Entremont holding the seat for the Progressive Conservatives in the past three elections. He won the last two in a landslide.

In Shelburne, the name Huskilson was synonymous with politics for almost 30 years as Harold Huskilson, an undertaker by trade, represented the area from 1970 to 1993 as a Liberal. His son, Clifford, became the MLA that year and was re-elected in 1998.

In 1999, there was a changing of the guard in Shelburne as a recount following that election produced a tie between Clifford Huskilson and Progressive Conservative challenger Cecil O'Donnell. O'Donnell's name was drawn out of a hat to break the Liberal hold on the district.

In 2006, there was another shift as New Democrat Sterling Belliveau brought the district over to the orange side.