Party Candidate Votes Status
57/57 polls Updated: Oct. 9, 2013 12:03 AM EDT
LIB Stephen McNeil 7,709 Elected
PC Ginny Hurlock 1,390
NDP Henry A. Spurr 834
GRN Ron Neufeld 227

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District profile:

Annapolis borders the Bay of Fundy and has some of the oldest historic sites in Canada, including Fort Anne and the recreation of Champlain's Habitation at Port Royal.

The riding includes much of Annapolis County and the towns of Annapolis Royal, Bridgetown and Middleton in the north. The majority of employment is in the service, sales and tourism sectors.

Agriculture is also important in this part of the Annapolis Valley, but government — through the school boards and small community hospitals — is the region's largest employer.

In 2012, the provincial electoral district boundaries were redrawn and Annapolis was expanded westward to gain the Annapolis County portion of the former district of Digby-Annapolis, north of the Maitland Bridge area.

Political history:

Annapolis has leaned towards the Liberals in recent years. The party has won all but one election here since 1993, when the district was first created: a marriage between the Progressive Conservative-leaning riding of Annapolis East and half of Annapolis West, a Liberal-leaning one.

The current MLA, Liberal Leader Stephen McNeil, won the seat by wide margins in each of the last three elections.

His first election in 2003 was a rematch with Progressive Conservative Frank Chipman, who won the seat in 1999 over McNeil's challenge.

  • 2009: Liberal Stephen McNeil earns 6,446 votes, more than five times the number of votes cast for New Democrat Henry Spurr, McNeil’s closest competitor.
  • 2006: Stephen McNeil earns 4,668 votes, more than doubling the vote tally of Progressive Conservative Blair C. Hannam, the second-place finisher.
  • 2003: Stephen McNeil takes 4,522 votes, topping Progressive Conservative Frank Chipman's total of 2,795. New Democrat Adrian Nette receives 1,395 to finish third.
  • 1999: Frank Chipman polls 4,026 to beat Stephen McNeil at 3,265. Tom Clahane of the NDP receives 1,708 votes to finish third.
  • 1998: Liberal Laurie Montgomery defeats Progressive Conservative Basil Stewart by 250 votes in a byelection after the incumbent’s death.
  • 1993: Liberal Earle Rafuse defeats Progressive Conservative Greg Kerr by 3,634 votes in the newly created riding of Annapolis.