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Grant MacEwan Journalism Students Talk Turkey

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A class of second-year Radio Journalism students at Grant MacEwan University produced these radio pieces around the theme of hunger and giving, in the spirit of the CBC's 16th Annual Turkey Drive.  Thanks to their professor (and former CBC reporter) Karen Zypchyn for guiding this student project! 


Cheryl Walsh     

cherylwalshnew.jpgCheryl is currently a second-year journalism student at Grant MacEwan University and covers the sports beat for West Edmonton Local. She is originally from Comox, BC and hopes to one day have a career in sports broadcasting.

Student Cheryl Walsh met Andrew Jakubowski at the Mustard Seed Community Support Centre. Jakubowski left his wife and daughter in Poland and came to Canada to find a new career.

He works at a camp in Fort McMurray and is studying to upgrade his skills. In order to send more money home, he sleeps in his car on his days off in Edmonton. And he eats at the Mustard Seed, which distributes food from the Food Bank.

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Christina Zoernig

christinazoernignew.jpgAfter a colorful childhood in countries like Venezuela, Korea and Vietnam, Christina has always been fascinated by the outside world through media and communication. Now 19 years old and a second-year student at Grant MacEwan University, she has learned to hone her skills as a storyteller and writer. Her ambitions include a career with National Geographic where she can utilize her skills in photojournalism, writing and communication. For now, she keeps herself busy through competitive Irish dancing and work.

Christina Zoernig and her fellow students recently went to the Mustard Seed Community Support Centre, which provides meals for the homeless using food supplied by Edmonton's Food Bank. The students donned hairnets and aprons to help prepare supper for 200 people.

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Tyler Loutan

tylerloutannew.jpgTyler Loutan is a 24-year-old Edmontonian in the 2nd and final year of the Grant MacEwan University journalism diploma program. Tyler is a NAIT culinary arts graduate, but now hopes to be a sports reporter with an ultimate goal of working for World Wrestling Entertainment.

Student Tyler Loutan brings us the story of Edmonton's Weymouth family.... a family of extraordinary volunteers who have made a weekly commitment to make and deliver food to the less fortunate.



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Tim Gerwing

timgerwingnew.jpgTim Gerwing was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. He completed an undergrad degree at the University of Saskatchewan and is now in his final year of Journalism at Grant MacEwan University. His short story, 'compartmentalization,' recently won honourable mention in a national fiction contest and is featured in Inkspots, an anthology of short, Canadian fiction.

Student Tim Gerwing's has this profile of a man who prefers to live in an RV and spend his days in Starbucks, drinking coffee, talking and singing.



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Heather Rastas


heatherrastasnew.jpgHeather Rastas is a journalism student at Grant MacEwan University. She lived 5 months in Costa Rica and has traveled to Mexico City, and Nicaragua.

She wants to travel the world, and do some freelance journalism. She is waiting to take the next step in her life, whatever that may be.

Student Heather Rastas was curious about what motivates volunteers at Edmonton's Food Bank.

She met volunteer Michael Ho, who has been volunteering since March. He hopes to one day work for Edmonton Police Service.


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Kimberly Melo

kimberlymelonew.jpgKimberly Melo is a journalism student at Grant MacEwan University. She is continuing her education to obtain her degree in communications. Kimberly loves to read, write, snowboard, golf, workout and spend time with her loved ones. Her future goal is to have a career in broadcast journalism.

Student Kimberly Melo decided to experience poverty for herself. She and other students spent a day on the streets in downtown Edmonton.

It was an eye-opening experience.


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Kjell Wickstrom

kjellwickstromnew.jpgKjell Wickstrom is a second-year journalism student at Grant MacEwan University. He grew up in Camrose, and attended the University of Alberta, where he earned a BA in biology. Kjell is passionate about science and education. His goal is to help others understand what are sometimes confusing but still important stories.

Student Kjell Wickstrom went to a lunch for the homeless at the Salvation Army in northeast Edmonton. There he met Curtis Whitford, who also goes by the name "Meeko".

Whitford is homeless and battles substance addiction. He spent 14 years in prison for drug offences.
Now Whitford volunteers at the Salvation Army and tries to act as a mentor to others.

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Elizabeth Walters

lizzywaltersnew.jpgElizabeth Walters is currently a journalism student at Grant MacEwan University. In the future she hopes to create her own job in the ever-changing world of journalism.

Student Elizabeth Walters visited the Mustard Seed Community Support Centre in inner-city Edmonton.

There she met Elliott McGillis, an aspiring electrician.

McGillis explained to Walters how he wound up needing the shelter's help.







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Vickie Laliotis

vickielaliotisnew.jpgVickie Laliotis is a second-year journalism student at Grant MacEwan University. She has been published locally in SEE! Magazine, the MacEwan Journalist and the Griff, while her fashion blog has attracted attention from MTV Style, Teen Vogue, Profile Magazine, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. Vickie hopes to pursue a career in fashion journalism and travel the world reporting on trends.

Student Vickie Laliotis went to the Edmonton Food Bank Warehouse, where she met 15-year volunteer Mike Reeves.



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Erin Cripps-Woods

erincrippswoodsnew.jpgErin Cripps-Woods is a Grant MacEwan University journalism student and aspires to work for National/Canadian Geographic, 4-H Magazine or as a freelance journalist while travelling the world.

Erin Cripps spoke with Datha Jaddick, an Edmontonians who volutneers her time at the Mustard Seed Community Supports Centre, where she was busy making snacks.




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Jeremy Jagodzinski

jeremyjagonew.jpgJeremy Jagodzinski is an Edmonton native who has traveled all around the world. He enjoys writing and photography. He also has a BA in Classical History and hopes to one day combine his love of Journalism and antiquities together.

You could say Edmonton's Food Bank warehouse is the city's smorgasbord.

Whether it's toiletries, fresh produce or even pet supplies, you can bet the Food Bank has got donations stored somewhere.

But every year, some people make donations that aren't suitable at all - for anyone.

Jeremy Jagodzinski spent time volunteering at the Food Bank to find out firsthand the do's and don'ts of donating food.

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Maxwell Rausch

Maxwell_mugshotnewest.jpgMaxwell Rausch is a second-year journalism student at Grant MacEwan University. He has covered a variety of beats including arts and entertainment, education, community events, and politics. He is looking forward to his internship in the next semester and all the challenges that come with it.

The Mustard Seed Community Support Centre in Edmonton finds itself in greater need of volunteers in the winter months and during the holiday season.

Volunteers from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints went to the Mustard Seed in November to pass out food and offer a helping hand during karaoke night.

Maxwell Rausch shows us how volunteering also means having fun with people who need a helping hand.

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