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Feature: July 2015 Archives

The Hidden Gems of Edmonton

Today Edmonton AM spent the show digging into the hidden gems around the city. From trails to restaurants, events to bands, we took a microscope to the city and talked to those in the know.

With picks from Yeg foodies Brittney Leblanc, Cindy Ngyuen, and Shane Groendahl. Local venue owners Craig Martell and Trevor Belsher. A look at some unique buildings with Dan Rose. Edmonton Tourism's Renee Williams also stopped by with some interesting events. Karen Unland has a list of interesting blogs and podcasts focusing on the city. Blue Knox and Jennifer Schaffer each had some picks for date nights and places to take your kids. And representing the river valley, Chris Tse brought some interesting trails, Paul Bunner has a good place to get into the river, and for those looking to diversify their diet, Elisabeth Beaubien has a list of edible plants that can be found in the valley.

All that and more can be found below.

Hidden Gems - The Lists - Friday, July 31, 2015

Edmonton AM crew picks

  1. Farrow Sandwich Shop - 8422 109th Street (Ethan Sawyer)

  2. Revolver record store in Bonnie Boon Shopping Centre (Ariel Fournier)

  3. Lans Asian Grill - 11826 - 103rd Street (Wallis Snowden)

  4. Abyssinia Ethiopian restaurant - 10810 95th Street (Kim Nakrieko)

  5. The Drake Hotel - 3945 118th Street (Ashley Geddes)

Architecture Gems - with Dan Rose

  1. Queen Elizabeth II Planetarium - Coronation Park

  2. Hotel Grand / Hagmann Block - 10765 98th Street

  3. Keillor Cabin - 12504 Fox Drive

  4. McCrays Garage - 102nd Avenue & 125th Street

Bands - with Craig Martell and Trevor Belsher

  1. Counterfeit Jeans

  2. Feverfew

  3. Post Script

  4. The Dabs

Hole-in-the-wall restaurants - Brittney Leblanc

  1. Tao Garden - 9642 107th Avenue

  2. Urban Shabu -  9700 105th Avenue

  3. Bulgogi House - 8813 92nd Street

  4. Shanghai 456 - 14456 118th Avenue

  5. Handy Bakery - 8660 118th Avenue

  6. Paradiso Tropical -  9136 118th Avenue

Hidden trails - Chris Tse

  1. Strathcona Science Park to Gold Bar Park (Haunted Forest Trail)

  2. Hawrelak Park to Quesnell Bridge

  3. Cooking Lake - Blackfoot Provincial Recreation Area

Secret Swimming Hole - Paul Bunner

  • located between the Cloverdale footbridge and the Edmonton Queen Riverboat launch

Secret foods to forage - Elisabeth Beaubien

  1. Chokecherry

  2. Saskatoon berry

  3. Raspberry

  4. Creeping thistle - remove the leaves, make a soup

  5. Cattail - Use clean, unpolluted plant. Can consume bottom part of stalk

Secret Coffee Spots - Cindy Ngyuen at Let's Om Nom

Best Roasters

  1. Transcend

  2. Rogue Wave Roasters

  3. Ace Roasters

  4. Iconoclast

Best Cafe

  1. Barking Buffalo - 10842 124th Street

  2. Farrow - 8422 109th Street

  3. Lock Stock - 10534 Jasper Ave

Best Secret But Coming Soon Cafe Spots

  1. Bru Coffee and Beer - 119th Street & Jasper Avene

  2. Decappo (second location)

  3. Woodrack Cafe - 7603 109th Street

Best beer spots - Shane Groendahl

Hidden gems:

  1. Cha Island - 10332 81st Avenue

  2. Accent Lounge - 8223 104th Street

Well known beer spots:
  1. Craft Beer Market - 10013 101A Avenue

  2. Underground Tap & Grill - 10004 Jasper Avenue

  3. Beer Revolution -  11736 104thAvenue

Edmonton Tourism picks for experiences / events - Renee Williams with

  1. Elk Island - easy camping

  2. Elk Island - July 31/August 1 - Blue Moon Canoe Tour

  3. Dark Matters - August 20 - Telus World of Science - adult event

Other noteworthy events / tourist spots:

  1. Heritage Days

  2. Prairie Gardens and Adventure Farm

  3. Jurassic Forest

  4. Fort Edmonton Park

  5. Lactuca - tour of Northlands urban farm location

Best kids spots - Jennifer Schaffer with City and Baby

  1. Alberta Railway Museum

  2. Real Family Cinema at the Garneau Theatre

  3. Giovanni Caboto Park

Best date spots - Blue Knox

  1. Nerd Nite Edmonton

  2. Space Cadet Adventure

  3. Manhunt Edmonton

Blogs and Podcasts - Karen Unland with

  1. Reading in Bed - Blog about books

  2. Lost YEG - Blog about Edmonton's history

  3. What It Is - Podcast about Edmonton's theatre and arts scene

  4. - 'Sexy Film News' feature about upcoming movies

Quanto's Law

Staff Sergeant Troy Carriere with the Edmonton Police Service Canine Unit gives some insight into Quanto's Law. Tyler Dawson is a reporter for the Ottawa Citizen, and a critic of the new law. Quanto's Law came in to effect last week and provides harsher penalties for those who deliberately harm a service animal.