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Annual CBC Turkey Drive Kick-Off

The annual CBC Turkey Drive in support of Edmonton's Food Bank (DONATE HERE: CBC.CA/EDMONTON) kicked off this morning with a quest for the best turkey sandwich. We invited Local Omnivore food truck chefs Ryan Brodziak and Mark Bellows to come up with their recipe. Listen to the interview and see the recipe below. Listener suggestions follow.

Local Omnivore Food Truck - Best Turkey Sandwich: 

We braised turkey thighs over night at 215F with Carrots, Celery, Onions, and Chardonnay. Chilled it and pulled it. 
Strain the stock, let it reduce by half, add corn starch and season to taste for the most delicious of Gravy Chardonnaise. 
We made a Cranberry Mayonnaise as our second sauce. 
Our bread we baked fresh, using a very simple white bread recipe adding poultry seasoning, savoury, and a touch of allspice.  
To finish it all off, one should always have a pack of Super Smoked Bacon ready to be cooked off and added to everything. 
 We kept it very simple, gathering all of the leftovers we would have kicking around the house. 
 Oh yes, and hot sauce! 

A big thank you to all Edmonton AM listeners for your submissions:

1/ I love the Turkey Club:  Turkey, mayo, tomato and bacon.  What isn't better with bacon? - Willa

2/ Mix up shredded turkey with stuffing. Spread on a waffle iron. Wait until it's crispy. Garnish with gravy and cranberry sauce. Forget about sandwiches. - Michael

3/ My late Grandma's recipe for hot mustard transforms any version of a turkey sandwich to scrumptious. Everyone in the family LOVES this mustard. 

Virtually it is equal parts of Keen's dry mustard, sugar, flour and vinegar. Mix them all together, then adjust to taste. It should chill in the fridge for a day or so to let the flavours blend. I make the recipe my own by using apple cider vinegar and cane sugar. - Lori

4/ Mill Creek Café makes great turkey sandwiches. Turkey, melted brie (the sandwich is toasted), cranberry sauce, and sliced pear on their signature grainy bread. Yum! - Astrid

5/ A light rye bread ,real butter spread on it ,a quality  mustard ,the moist dark meat ,a thinly sliced  kosher dill pickle,a very light spread of cranberry on the obverse side of mustard and ...if there is any stuffing left a sprinkle of it where possible.....gently press the sandwich together cut diagonally so you can dip in turkey gravy. Of course this is only possible if the family and guesses leave enough ingredients to make a dream turkey sandwich - paul

6/ A crepe filled with diced turkey,cubes of ham and pineapple, and quartered tomatoes. Pineapple sauce is poured over the top and sprinkled with celantro and green onion - Greg

7/ Turkey curry sandwich two pieces rye bread cubed turkey mayo curry powder minced onion,celery&walnuts dried cranberries

8/ Sliced bread.... and turkey Matt

9/ Why waste turkey in sandwiches when the Turkey Shepherd's Pie rules! Bottom layer of cubed Turkey, stuffing, 
gravy mixed together. Topped with leftover mashed potatoes. Bake and serve with even more gravy.

10/ The key to an awesome turkey sandwich is focaccia bread grilled. Take focaccia, butter, cranberry sauce, turkey, dressing, and gravy. 
Grill it! - Richard 

11/ Gourmet Turkey sandwich: 12 grain bread, lightly toasted, mayo on one side, butter on the other, dark meat turkey, thigh preferably, 
slivered onion, sliced avocado, sliced green olives, herbed or spiced Havarti cheese (or Velveeta). Heat until cheese is soft (salivating all the way) then add fresh alfalfa sprouts and enjoy!!. - Theresa 


12/ Turkey sandwich ? Our Norwegian clan likes to roll up turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce and mayo into a piece of Lefse. Yummy! 

(Lefse is a flat bread made from potatoes)

13/ There is the BLT Squared...bacon, lettuce, tomato....and Turkey slices...and in deference to Mr Garret...a generous dollop of gravy 
sprinkled with pepper - Rob

14/Turkey Sandwich. Dark and white meat, miracle whip, salt and pepper, dill pickle, (sliced lengthwise), on white bun. Any variation 
from this is blasphemy - Dean

15 I love sandwiches, they are among my favourite things. Usually I prefer them with lots of tomato, onion , lettuce , cheese etc. 
However, with turkey sandwiches, simpler is better. Leftover turkey , white and dark meat, cranberry sauce on one side( from scratch 
with a bit of orange the way my wife makes it), mayo on the other, and the whitest of white bread(the goopy stuff made from highly 
refined flour, the kind you shouldn't eat). It's one of those guilty pleasures.

16/ Turkey and bacon sandwiches with a lettuce leaf so i can feel a little less guilty about what i am consuming

17/ Dinner bun, turkey, mayo and lots of salt and pepper - only way to make a turkey sandwich -Chris

18/ Brown bread, a little mayo, and a little butter, Home grown Turkey, salt/pepper, lettuce and tomato

19/ Tray bun. Little bit of butter. Old cheddar. Nice mix of dark/white meat. Stuffing. Dollop o cranberry sauce. Repeat 3 times 

20/ Turkey sandwich from my childhood white bread, mayo on one side , cheese whiz on other with dark meat, cranberry sauce , dressing 
(sliced from dressing loaf made for this purpose) and gravy, salt and pepper. So good !

21/ My favorite turkey sandwich is hot.....slice turkey thin, place on a slice of bread, add salt, pepper and then cover with lots of turkey gravy, heat in microwave add side of cranberries and ENJOY- Bill

22/ Best Turkey sandie is: thick white bread, warm turkey, slathered in hot gravy, left open face. Season to your liking. - @vijamsonic

23/ White dark meet combo, avocado spread, dab of gravy , spinach and tomato on ciabatta .. Best turkey sandwich ever. - @NatashaSSA

24/ Our family favourite turkey sandwich is left-over dinner buns, turkey, salt & pepper, cranberry jelly, mayo with turkey - @CathrynHeslep

25/ Cold turkey,bacon, hot mustard, shaved chocolate and chesse and press it. Soak it in waffle batter and fry. - @redcheyenne

26/ White bread white meat LOTS of mayo salt and pepper #perfectturkeysandwich even garret will love -can't taste turkey - @mrossgraham

27/ Go for the curry turkey sandwich with a bit of Mango chutney - @kendp

28/ Turkey Sandwich - Newfoundland style
2 slices homemade white bread lightly buttered.
Add a thin coat of mayonnaise to each bread slice.
Place A layer of Turkey on each bread slice.
Add another coat of mayonnaise.
Add a layer of bread stuffing.
Place two bread pieces together.
Slice. And enjoy with a cup of tea.
 Thank you for all your submissions...enjoy your turkey and please donate to the CBC Turkey drive at: and click on Dudley the turkey.