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The beard show on Edmonton AM

Find out...
1/ If women prefer men with or without beards and why. Mark Connolly spoke to Paul Vassey a professor at the University of Lethbridge.

2/Mohamed Safadi is co-owner of Denim & Smith barbershop in City Centre Mall. He knows all about trimming of beards.

3/ The history of the Beard from author and professor Allan Peterkin. He wrote "One Thousand Beards, a Cultural History of Facial Hair" and  "The Bearded Gentleman, The Style Guide to Shaving Face."

4/ Debate - Hipsters vs Old school beards. Julian Faid and Kory Mathewson are with Rapid Fire Theatre. 

5/ Chris Ryan and David Comier are with The Edmonton Facial Hair Club.

6/ We get beard styling tips and Tim Adams gets a trim from Barber, Mark Hayes.