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Food Column - Taste Of Edmonton

Our food columnist Twyla Campbell worked her way through Taste of Edmonton to bring us her top 3 and bottom 3 picks.

Pork and Apple.JPG
Pork and apple hand pie from The Pie Eatery

Lemongrass Beef.JPG
Grilled Lemongrass Beef from Hoang Long

Foie Gras PB and J.JPG
Foie gras, peanut butter & jelly sandwich from Sandwich & Sons

Chinook Bacon.JPG
Chinook Bacon Wrapped JalapeƱos from Our Truck is Your Truck

Chiken Shawarma.JPG
Chicken Shawarma from Dedo's

Reuben Fritters.JPG
Reuben fritters from Hundred Bar & Kitchen