Edmonton’s LRT vision begins with the Valley Line

The proposed Valley Line is part of the city’s ambition to build Edmonton around light rail transit. It will link far-flung Southeast and Southwest neighbourhoods to the downtown. There is currently no construction timeline, but the city says the 13.1-kilometre section from Mill Woods to downtown could be completed in four years.

The city has allocated $800 million to the project. The proposal calls for 25 new LRT stops and three new elevated stations. Use the map below to view proposed stop and station locations and see what facilities and attractions lie within an approximate 400-metre radius of each stop along the line.

Posted: Jan 13, 2013

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By the numbers

Travel time, in minutes, for the trip from either Mill Woods or Lewis Farms to downtown
Frequency, in minutes, that trains will run during peak hours
Number of street-level stops
Number of stations with elevators and escalators: Davies, West Edmonton Mall and Misericordia Hospital.


Video courtesy City of Edmonton

Valley Line Stop Map

Lewis Farms
    Mill Woods