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Out-of-the-Box Development

October 10, 2007 | 10:04 AM

Posted by David Cournoyer

Following up on my
previous post
, I thought it would be interesting to write more
specifically about one strategy for smarter planning in our growing

Posted by David Cournoyer

One alternative to the current state of urban sprawl in Edmonton is
the establishment of oriented_development“>Transit Oriented Development (TOD).

TOD creates spaces in which residential and commercial areas are
zoned around public transportation hubs (such as Bus hubs and LRT
stations). This type of development encourages walkability and the
use of public transit and discourages the use of single occupant

TOD communities provide residential options for groups with diverse
economic backgrounds while mixing commercial and high-density
residential areas surrounding a central transit hub. The areas also
promote walkability and public transit by being pedestrian friendly
by providing a safe outdoor environment that includes bike lanes,
parks, and playgrounds.

Though these areas would increase density and could be difficult to
develop in established cities, it is a critical step in re-thinking
how we develop and live in our urban environments.

By looking at alternatives such as TOD communities, Edmonton could
create stronger, vibrant, and more sustainable communities that
promote public transit, saves families money by reducing spending on
transportation, and also lowers the urban pollution associated with
heavy traffic congestion.

If Edmonton is going to avoid the mess of urban sprawl that has
overwhelmed countless other cities, our next City Council is going to
have to take a serious look at alternative development options such
as Transit Oriented Development.

Do you know where your Council candidates stand on this issue?


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