Monthly Stories

Monthly stories are longer than newscasts and spoken at the original broadcast pace as heard on the radio. Monthly Stories have accompanying language learning activities.

All of the accompanying language tools are designed to improve English language proficiency. They focus on listening, reading, speaking and writing, along with supplementary grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary materials. An answer key, transcripts, and links to further information are all provided.

Story 43: Leduc #1 Centre

Story 41: Surviving the office party

Story 40: Adapting to winter in Alberta

Story 39: Body Piercings

Story 38: Airport Chapel

Story 37: A Look at My Canada

Story 35: Benefits of Walking

Story 33: Edmonton Food Bank

Story 32: Preventing Influenza

Story 31: Our Edmonton: Science edition

Story 30: You're Fired!

Story 29: Snow Fort

Story 28: Tour of Alberta

Story 27: Training to Excite

Story 25: Immigration challenges

Story 23: Baba's own perogy business

Story 22: Workplace appreciation

Story 21: Alberta's Sheriffs

Story 19: Salute to the Sutters

Story 17: Remembering the Slave Lake fire

Story 16: Procrastination

Story 15: Mosquitoes

Story 14: Life Changes

Story 13: Canada's top immigrants

Story 12: Workplace Clothing

Story 11: Bed bugs

Story 10: What to do with gift cards

In this audio, you will hear CBC journalist Adrienne Lamb discussing a new way for you to exchange any unwanted gift cards you receive this holiday season, and a place where you can buy gift cards at a discounted price.

Story 9: Discount Daycare

In this Audio, you will hear CBC journalist Niall McKenna introducing us to a special daycare in Edmonton that supports immigrants to the city by providing daycare at a discounted rate.

Story 7: Cultural Differences

Story 6: Urban coyotes

Story 5: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Do you think the job situation in Alberta is better than the rest of Canada or are things about the same across the country? Journalist Adrienne Lamb tells us about the jobs situation across Alberta.

Do you think it is important for children to learn about their cultural heritage?

Story 3: Retail sales in Alberta

In this story, you will hear CBC journalist Adrienne Lamb and Presenter Rod Kurtz, discuss latest statistics released that show unlike many other parts of Canada, shoppers in Alberta are spending money on retail purchases. Adrienne interviews some shoppers, as well as an expert in retail analysis. Rod and Adrienne also talk about the downside of too much retail spending, when Albertans get into debt. We estimate the listening level to be at CLB 7.

Meet Bob Davisson from Calgary, an award-winning volunteer, working to change the lives of children in Haiti. We estimate the listening level of this audio to be approximately CLB 6.

A story about a successful business woman who had a challenging start to adulthood. We estimate the listening level of this audio to be approximately CLB 7+.