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View and share your downtown photos and videos

We've shared some of downtown's stories - now we want you to share yours. It's an exciting era for the city's centre with a new arena on the horizon and new residential and commercial towers decorating the skyline.Submit an old photo of yourself or family in historic downtown Edmonton, or a new photo or a minute-long video of you at your favourite downtown destination. more »

The Kelly Ramsey block: rising from the ashes

The historic block was gutted 4 years ago by a massive fire - since then, it has sat empty and scarred on Rice Howard Way.John Day wants that to change. The developer talks with CBC bout his plans to rebuild the block, blending modern and historical elements.  more »

Gene Dub on the rebirth of the Alberta Hotel

It was one of the first permanent structures in Edmonton, offering luxuries not often seen at the turn of the century. Built with the intention of standing forever, the Alberta Hotel was instead demolished and parts of it stored away for decades. Now, under the guidance of architect Gene Dub, the hotel stands again, though in a slightly different spot. The CBC's Adrienne Pan speaks with Dub about his quest to reconstruct the Alberta Hotel. more »

How 104th Street became the heart of downtown Edmonton

It's now considered the jewel of downtown Edmonton, but 104th Street was a desolate strip of underused buildings and parking lots just 15 years ago.  The street's metamorphosis from a desolate strip of empty parking lots and underused warehouses to the jewel of downtown Edmonton is a remarkable story of urban transformation. more »

Ed Fong on the evolution of 104th Street

For many downtown boosters, 104th street north of Jasper Avenue has become a symbol for what a vibrant and revitalized downtown could look like. But the street has not always been that way. The CBC's Mark Connolly talks with Ed Fong, chair of the 104th Street Action Committee, about the changes that have transpired to make the street what it is today. more »

Choosing Downtown: The Suburban Refugee

Shauna Warwick grew up in St. Albert and bought a house there. Then she started dating a man who lived in a loft on 104th Street. "I came to the realization that there were more people I knew in his building than I did in my own community in St. Albert," she said. Warwick took the plunge and bought a unit in the historic Phillips Lofts. But not everyone thought that was a wise decision. more »