Welcome to the Early Edition

Your way to stay in touch with the news, sports, traffic and weather weekday mornings on the south coast. Every morning from 5:00 to 8:30 a.m. and beginning September 8th on CBC Television from 6:00 to 7:00 a.m., host Rick Cluff delves deeper into the day's local news and finds out how international events affect people locally.

About the Host

t-rick-cluff.jpgRick Cluff has been the host of CBC Radio's popular Vancouver morning show, "The Early Edition" since September of 1997. Prior to that, Rick's voice was well known as an award-winning journalist and sports commentator. He has had the opportunity to report on numerous Olympic, Commonwealth and Canada Games as well as various world championship events from the South Pacific to the Arctic Circle. His skills as an interviewer and program host are well recognized and during his extensive career Rick has appeared on many CBC Radio and Television programs.

Rick is a member of the Journalist Section of the Canadian Football League Hall of Fame and holds degrees in Political Science and Economics from the University of Western Ontario in London and Journalism from Carleton University in Ottawa.

Rick also has a diploma in Municipal Administration from Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology in Toronto.  In 2010, Rick was awarded the Huron University College Medal of Distinction, given to those whose life achievements set an example of excellence.

Ricks loves to play golf, loves music of all description and is the proud father of a son and a daughter.

About the Team


Amy Bell

Amy Bell is the Traffic and Weather presenter for the Early Edition. Born and raised on the West Coast, so she knows her way around the roads of the Lower Mainland... and the importance of a good umbrella. Amy graduated from BCIT in 2000, and was the winner of the BCAB award for broadcasting student of the year. She's been reporting traffic and weather ever since.

When she's not helping you through your morning commute, Amy can be found drinking massive amounts of coffee while chasing after her two small kids.


Elaine Chau

Elaine Chau is an Associate Producer for The Early Edition. She was born in Hong Kong, grew up in Montreal, and grew up a little more in Vancouver.

She graduated with a degree in communications from Simon Fraser University, and was the 2008 recipient of the CBC Radio Peter Gzowski internship.

Three years into her career, she is most proud of having produced The Early Edition's AIDS Then and Now series. The series was a Gold Radio Winner in the Health/Medicine category at the 2011 News York Festivals.

If Elaine's not writing or chasing stories - she's likely baking pie, making coffee, drinking coffee, or playing her piano and glockenspiel.


Margaret Gallagher

Margaret Gallagher is The Early Edition's reporter. Her search for stories has taken her over mountains, down back alleys and through the heart of the city.

She's been a regular part of The Early Edition since 2001, winning many awards for her work. When she's not reporting for The Early Edition, Margaret is spinning great jazz as the host of Hot Air, one of Canada's longest running radio shows.

Other passions include food, playing hockey, and chasing her rambunctious toddler all over town.


Manusha Janakiram

Manusha Janakiram is an Associate Producer for The Early Edition. She joined CBC after winning the Joan Donaldson Scholarship in 2007. Since then she has worked in both national television news, and local radio current affairs.

Only 3 years into her career, highlights include being the first journalist at CBC to find a Canadian in Burma during the riots of 2007, producing a radio interview with Bob Geldof, and teaching journalism in Rwanda in 2009. When she's not working, Manusha likes to shoot photographs, run, and nap.


Lee Rosevere

Lee Rosevere has been with CBC Radio since the early 1990's, working on The Radio Show, Brand X, and joining DNTO in 1998. After a move to Vancouver in 2000, Lee worked on B.C. Almanac, The Afternoon Show, North By Northwest, Radio Escapade and finally settled into The Early Edition.

Immersed in music since an early age, Lee is a big record collector and loves playing with sound. He has won a New York Award in sound design, a Jack Webster award, and regional and national RTDNAs and hosted the early morning CBC program Earlier for four years.  He's also earned the nicknamed 'The Evil Genius', although he's not sure why. 


Shiral Tobin

Shiral Tobin is the Producer of The Early Edition. She has been a radio producer and broadcaster since the mid 1990's, covering everything from politics to dogs. She produced Rafe Mair's talk show for many years, and since arriving at CBC in 2001, Shiral has held several positions, including regional radio reporter, relief host, and producer and both local and national programs.

Shiral has been lucky to be part of many award-winning broadcasts. Born and raised in Vancouver, then Kelowna, Shiral is a true hometown gal and thankfully, an early riser. Shiral has a BA from the University of Victoria (English-Hispanic studies) and is a graduate of BCIT's broadcast journalism program.


Cecilia Walters

Cecilia Walters is the Morning News Host on The Early Edition. She has been a regular on both CBC Radio and Television in Vancouver since 1982. She joined The Early Edition in September of 1997.

Cecilia is an award-winning journalist who television viewers will remember for her seven years as co-anchor of The CBC Evening News with Bill Good. Radio listeners will recognize her voice as the former host of Almanac, a program Cecilia hosted for three years. Cecilia Walters is a native of Hamilton, Ontario and a graduate of the University of Toronto.


Andrew Yang

Andrew Yang is an associate producer for The Early Edition. He was born in Shanghai, and moved to Canada in 1991 and has made Vancouver his second home.

He has finger on the pulse of the Chinese community in Vancouver and abroad. Andy loves tea, Chinese calligraphy, donuts and maple syrup. His skating is "a work in progress."