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3-2-1 Kill! East Van Bike Polo

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Bike polo is a fast-growing sport, with players all over the world. Vancouver is home to the world's first purpose-built bike polo court. The Grandview Park court is home to East Van Bike Polo and the 2011 world champions, the Crazy Canucks. Margaret Gallagher took a shot at bike polo at a recent Newbie Night.

Anyone is welcome to play, with more players and fans joining each year. Northern Standard recently convinced Dragon's Den to invest in their company. The new Vancouver company produces gear for bike polo. (Until recently, gear was DIY, from the ski-pole/PVC mallets to the customized beater bikes.) Vancouver textile artist Bettina Matzkuhn embroidered an ode to the players at Grandview Park. And Carol Sereda took the photos you see below.
Louise Fenwick showing newbies the ropes

3-2-1 Kill!
Margaret Gallagher going the wrong way

Bettina Matzkuhn's bike polo-inspired embroidery

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