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Best Albums of 2011, Day Three

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Ah, yes... as you can see above... the complete list!  And on the show today, a handful of tracks from those albums (different songs from the ones in the 90 minute mix too).

I'm not numbering the list this year (alphabetical), but if you did only buy one album on the list?  Mae Moore.

Plus a personal highlight for me this year was getting a loungey track on a remix EP by Acid House Kings for their song "Would You Say Stop?", and the sole-original tune by Lori Cullen from her fantastic That Certain Chartreuse (I'll save the Japanese bonus track for next year).

And we end the year with a track from The Beach Boys Smile Sessions... a song you know, but in a way you've never heard before.. in mono, from vinyl with unheard sections.

Happy New Year!  I am off for a week vacation until January 9th, so please take care and thank you very much for listening and supporting my little 20 minutes.

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