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Music to start from Leona Naess - her most recent album Thirteen came out in 2008 called, and it doesn't look like she going to record anything anytime soon, as she says she'll record again when she 'has something to say'.

And speaking of not recording much....I mentioned last week that Murray McLauchlan was releasing a new album this week - it's out!  It's called Human Writes, his first in 15 years (although he has been very busy with the Lunch At Allen's gang).

Cathy Dennis's career in 1996 took a drastic turn from dance-pop to singer/songwriter-pop with her album Am I The Kinda Girl?  Despite having a couple of original songs from people like Andy Partridge (XTC) and Ray Davies (The Kinks), it never caught on and she went back to the dance-pop world, producing songs for other pop acts and working on American Idol.

And the mouth-harp (or jew's harp) is normally associated with comedy material (thanks to the funny BOING! sound it makes) but Austrian composer Johann Georg Albrechtsberger wroteserious concertos for the instrument in the 1700's, and after you hear Fritz Mayr performance, you may change your impression of the instrument.


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