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Lopin' along through the cosmos

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The new Earlier podcast is out, and this time it's the music of Carly Paradis - originally from Montreal, now in London and working on scoring TV and films.  You can subscribe for future pods, or download the latest one directly.

Stephin Merritt's new Obscurities compilation is out, featuring rare and unreleased tracks from his days of Magnetic Fields, The 6ths and more...

...and Queen has reissued their entire catalog (remastered again!) to celebrate their 40th anniversary with a bonus disc of rare tracks and b-sides in each title; I've picked a non-single cut from News Of The World.  Why is "Spread Your Wings" never included on Greatest Hits packages?

Virginia Crabill wrote in requesting a song by Ian & Sylvia - they have a new book out now with stories of the folk scene from the 60s - and Judee Sill's self-titled debut album turns 40 today.

And it's also the 40th anniversary of Greenpeace... you can listen to the historic Amchitka concert featuring Phil Ochs, Joni Mitchell and James Taylor.
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