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Not the *worst* singer..

Thanks to Mike in West Vancouver for passing along this video...it wasn't until halfway through the song before I recognized it:

More please!

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Spirit of the radio

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Rush are playing in Vancouver tonight, and I've found the other Rush tune I could play for this time of the morning on the b-side of "Closer to the Heart".

I would highly recommend getting a copy of Rosanne Cash's Essential collection if you don't have of her albums, and even for those that have everything because she chose all the cuts, and you already follow her twitter feed... you need everything, right?

Joe Jackson did the unthinkable by releasing his Jumpin' Jive album 30 years ago today, and we salute the end of our Accordion Awareness Month with a signature tune by Edith Piaf.

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Way to blue

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As the weather is warming up, I can't escape the heat but I can at least enjoy summer-sounding tunes... and Nick Drake is wonderful for that.

Then, a brand new track from Vancouver's Laurie Biagini, and since Kiss are playing in Prince George tonight and Dawson Creek tomorrow, Pastel Vespa (aka Fiona Thorn) has a soothing rendition of one of their tunes for the morning.

And it's Camera Day, so we wrap things up with Camera Obscura from Scotland.

If you've got a particular request for summer tune, send me an email and I'll do my best to get it on.

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Mercy, merci

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Congrat's to Helen Austin, the songwriting machine, who picked up 2 awards at the recent Vancouver Island Music Fest... Female Songwriter of the Year, and Artist of the Year!

I have a track for you from Catherine MacLellan's latest album Silhouette which comes out next week on July 5th, and today the saxophone turns 165, celebrating with a fluke hit-single for Cannonball Adderley.

And with all the trouble in the world, Karma in Nakusp would like to hear a lullaby for the news-weary soul from Bob Marley.

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You're probably wondering why I'm here

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Well, yes I had a nice break.. wish Vancouver could say the same.

New music to start off from Pat Metheny's new album What's It All About, featuring all covers of tunes he grew up with.

And we continue to mark album anniversaries... Frank Zappa's Freak Out turns 45 today, along with Bob Dylan's Blonde on Blonde!

On the more gentler side, the late Judee Sill's debut album in 1971 will turn 40 in September, and I thought of her because I saw an interview with Nick Lowe, who admitted to pinching a bit of her song "Jesus Was A Cross Maker" for his "What's So Funny 'Bout Peace Love and Understanding".

And a sad note from Martin Smith and the gang on Vancouver Island, who wants to dedicate a tune by Leonard Cohen to Tom at the Royal Theatre in Victoria who's beloved theatre-resident dog Sheesa passed away recently.

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50 years of "Last Night"


The Mar-keys first national hit on Satellite Records turns 50 years old today.. so enjoy this classic Stax-o-wax.

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Image courtesy WFMU Ichiban

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Yes, I'm off for two weeks after today... Alya Ramadan in Kelowna will be filling on for that time, and if you'd like to contact her, click here to send her an email.

Brand new music from a new discovery for me (although she's been around for 30 years) - Kimmie Rhodes, songwriter and friend to people lile Emmylou Harris, Waylon Jennings, and more.

It's Maurice Sendak's birthday, and my introduction to his work was through the Really Rosie animated special with music by Carole King.

Dusty!  I don't play enough Dusty.

And on my quest to collect all 45s from my collection onto a digital format, including the ones that I just remembered but never actually got a copy...after 35 years, a mystery is solved, and it turns out to be The Wurzels!

Have a safe weekend, see you again on June 27th!

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Summer side of life

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Lori Cullen should really do a whole album of Lightfoot covers... that's something I would really be interested in hearing (she already does concerts of his music).

And happy 120th birthday to Cole Porter!  Out of the possible hundreds of tunes he's written, I've chosen two duets from films that he wrote the music and lyrics for: Bing Crosby with Frank Sinatra and Fred Astaire with Janis Paige.

Summer here, can't deny that.  As much as I like cave-dwelling, there's some great tunes about the outdoors, like the one this morning from Winnipeg's Ed Dufort.

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Wish I had a river

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In two weeks time, Joni Mitchell's Blue album will officially turn 40 years old... and although I'll be on vacation, there will be a special tribute to the album here on the website on June 22.

Some sunshiney orchestral (and slightly psychedelic) pop from France's Orwell (George Orwell's 1984 was published today in 1949 by the way), and then a track from the masters of the genre The Beach Boys.

And today is World Oceans Day, and of the many songs of the sea I've chosen something from the whole album devoted to the sea by The San Sebastian Strings with Rod McKuen.

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Turn up the Eagles, the neighbours are listening

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J.D. Souther has released a new album of some of his best compositions, including ones he recorded plus others by The Eagles, Linda Ronstadt and more.

Couple of new discoveries this morning - a fairly new one in Kelley Ryan, a lover of jangle-pop who worked with Don Dixon and Marti Jones-Dixon on her latest album called Twist....

...and another find that originally came out in 1986 by Rosie VelaZazu is being re-released by Cherry Red Records this month and the album featuring members of Steely Dan!

Plus a Claire Lawrence-penned tune performed by Susan Jacks, and Those Darn Accordions make an appearance for Accordion Awareness Month.

And here's the two part interview Susan did on TV last month with her brother Bill:

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Another Vancouver tune for the book

In the continuing search to add to my collection of tourism music, I'm adding this entry that was actually done in 2010 (via Boing Boing, but they got it from VancouverisAwesome who got it from CityCaucus.com):

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In 3-D

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Never received a note to say the audio players were working again, so I'll just assume they are...

Didn't get to mention it on the show, but today is the anniversary of D-Day, and it's also Queensland Day.

Start off this morning with a tune by Garnet Rogers, sending it out to Dagmar in Sechelt who is a big fan of his, and also to Roland on Courtenay who loves horses.

Also a tune from Erin Bode's first album, as I'm slowly delving into her back catalog after enjoying her latest album so much...

Brand new music from The Simple Carnival.. perhaps the world radio premiere?  The one-man band of Jeff Boller has given up on the conventional CD release, and is now making a whole DVD/Blu-ray album... which means there will be a video for each song.  Here's the first... and it's in 3-D!

...and very sad news from the music world that Andrew Gold died on Friday at the age of 59.  He worked with so many people in the 70s and 80s, impossible to name them all.

Besides huge hits like "Thank you for being a friend" and "Lonely Boy", one of my favourites was this tune he wrote with Graham Gouldman (formerly of 10cc) in their band Wax UK:

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Would you like to buy an O?

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Mike in West Vancouver wrote in to remind me that June 3rd is the day that Billie Joe McAllister jumped off the Tallahatchie Bridge, according to Bobbie Gentry.

Thanks to Stuart in Vancouver who turned me onto the band The Pearlfishers, and happy Donut Day, sending a tune by James Gordon out to Mr. Arthur Black on Salt Spring Island.

We end with the soulful socially-conscious sounds of the late Curtis Mayfield for his birthday..

...and in addition to Donut Day, it's also Repeat Day!  Which is actually quite fitting since donuts just keep going around and around...I could quite easily celebrate these two days at the same time. 

Meanwhile, as I did last year, here's a nifty little song for the day by The Vestibules.

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At this moment

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Something to start from the new Hard Bargain album by Emmylou Harris, and then more new-ish music from Miss Emily Brown, who has posted her albums on her bandcamp page.

There's a new Billy Vera compilation out - he received a lot of attention in 1985 for having a song of his in a classic episode(s) of Family Ties (back when that was a rarer thing), and then another new cut off the Southerner album by Trent Dabbs.

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High pants Wednesday

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Discovered an easy contender for Album Of The Year (yes, it's worth it to have capitals)... Matraca Berg's album The Dreaming Fields, her first solo album in a very long time.  I would really love to hear her versions of the songs she gave other people...

Also, brand brand brand new music from one of my fave Canadian groups, The Nines!  I've been patiently waiting for this collection of out-takes and polished-up demos..and it's here!  It's called Polarities.  Tell your friends.

The Be Good Tanyas are celebrating their 10th anniversary with a vinyl version of their debut album Blue Horse, coming out next month and are also taking part in the Vancouver 125 Festival celebrations.

And Morgan "Easy Reader" Freeman turns 74.

And this is National Accordion Awareness Month... and to help us introduce it is Dick "High Pants" Contino, accordion legend and b-movie star: