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Wove & Grain Sells a Premium Apron to Reduce Neck Strain. Is It Worth It?

Wove and Grain aprons use a special harness to prevent neck strain from aprons — will a Dragon investment take the strain off this business?

The Player

Matthew Somers, 27, is the founder and creator of Wove and Grain, a company specializing in luxury aprons. Somers is a pastry chef who constantly struggled with pain associated from wearing standard aprons — so he decided to change that by redesigning the apron harness.

The Pitch

Wove and Grain designs and makes comfortable, functional, and fashionable aprons and harnesses that sell online. The company came into the Next Gen Den looking for $50,000 for a 25 per cent stake in the company.

Best Quote

(2:39) After Somers revealed his company sold over 100 of these high-quality aprons in eight months, Harley Finkelstein asked about the company’s next steps. “How do we take this from a hobby business into a real business that makes money?”

The Takeaway

Without a patent, Wove and Grain’s design could be vulnerable to copycats. Can luxury items sell when cheaper knock-offs are made? Michael Hyatt thought a price tag starting at $165 was too high of a cost for consumers; however, Harley believed there’s a market out there willing to buy a quality product.

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