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Sharp Scholar Wants to Help Change the World by Engaging Students

Sharp Scholar gives teachers real-time data on what is being learned, missed, and why.

The Player
Jawwad Siddiqui, 22, launched Sharp Scholar,  while attending Queen’s University’s School of Business.  Despite his young age, Sharp Scholar is Jawwad's third venture.

The Pitch
Sharp Scholar is an online study tool for teachers and students alike. On it, teachers can create finely tuned lesson plans, tailored to the specific needs and learning abilities of their students. And students can find more engaging ways to interact with the curriculum. Jawwad boldly asked for $100,000 cash in exchange for only 2 per cent of his “awesome company.”

Best Quote
[00:51] “Education is the most important tool we can use to change the world.” Jawwad was quoting the late Nelson Mandela here, but it was a nice reminder that business doesn’t have to be just business; it can be a catalyst for change, too.

The Takeaway
Big ask? Better offer a big reward. Jawwad was asking a lot from the Dragons, but he wasn’t willing to budge on the return. In the end, he lost out on a healthy cash investment from Michael Wyatt and Nicole Verkindt.

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