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PopRx Founders Pitch the Dragons on their Game-Changing App

Kicking off this season of Next Gen Den are Ali Esmail and Veejay Gandier, hoping to strike deal with the Dragons on their app PopRx. Watch the episode above and read our highlights to find out how it went.

The Players

Ali Esmail, 33, and Veejay Gandier, 30, are the duo behind PopRx. It's their second health-related startup. Their first one — an enterprise software for hospitals — was a success and is currently in acquisition.

The Pitch

Ali and Veejay developed an app that makes filling prescriptions easy. Users can take photos of their prescriptions and pill bottles and with the click of a button, place an order or refill. Meds are delivered for free to the user the same day the order is placed. The co-founders asked for $100,000 for two per cent of their business.

Best Quote

(At 1:45) When the cheeky founders wrap up their pitch, they ask the Dragons in unison, "Are you ready to PopRx it?" Michael Hyatt challenges the company's valuation, responding with, "Are you ready to tell us why you're worth five million bucks?" Zing!

The Takeaway

Know your market. When Dragon Harley Finkelstein challenges the founders about the possibility of being overtaken by a conglomerate pharmacy or company, they're able to defend their product and explain how it'll stay competitive.

What did you think of the duo's pitch? Would you invest in PopRx?