Four Walls Pitch Their ‘Room-In-A-Box’ Home Furnishing

The latest episode of Next Gen Den features Mike Van and Karen Lau, the duo behind the ecommerce business Four Walls. Watch the episode above to see them face the Dragons and read our highlights for a breakdown of their pitch.

The Players

Mike Van and Karen Lau, both 30, are the founders of Four Walls. 

The Pitch

Four Walls provides a “room in a box” service, geared towards people who live in small spaces. Customers can select from a range of trendy, pre-designed rooms and place an order to be set up with the necessary furnishings. No eye for design needed! The founders asked for $50,000 for 5 per cent of their business.

Best Quote

(At 2:45) “So you guys are a software company. Is that right?” Harley Finkelstein asks. “How are they a software company?” Michael Hyatt retorts. The Dragons have an intense debate on whether Four Walls is a software or furniture company while the founders remain silent for the most part.

The Takeaway

Don’t pitch the Dragons before your business is ready. While the Dragons were intrigued by the concept behind Four Walls, they made several suggestions on how the founders could steer their company in a direction that would optimize growth. It’s safe to say the infancy stage of Four Walls hurt the founders when it came down to it.

What did you think of Mike and Karen’s pitch? Were the Dragons too harsh on them?