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DineCasa wants you to book a meal in a stranger’s home. Would you?

DineCasa is a food app that matches hungry people with home-cooked meals — will the Dragons bite?

The Player
Ottawa native Sabrina LeBlanc, 27, is the founder of DineCasa. Inspired by such sites as Airbnb, she’s decided to take the plunge into the hot new sharing economy.

The Pitch
DineCasa is a food site that shares photo-based meal listings of home cooked meals, offered in your neighbourhood. Purchase the meal that appeals to you and enjoy a freshly prepared plate in the chef’s home. It’s perfect for those too busy or too unskilled to cook. Sabrina wasn't only looking for a monetary investment. In addition to her $50,000 ask, she wanted expertise in exchange for 10 per cent.

Best Quote
[at 1:59] Eating in a complete stranger’s home? Are you thinking what we’re thinking? Apparently, Michael Hyatt was. “Yeah, besides the serial killer problem, how does this thing actually work?” Luckily, Sabrina had a good answer.

The Takeaway
Be clear. While the dragons agreed it would be an interesting social experiment, DineCasa was, perhaps,  too theoretical. None of the dragons understood how it would work in practice. As a result, Nicole walked away without the cash investment she wanted, but she did get the valuable feedback she was looking for.

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