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The Dragons

Harley Finkelstein

Harley Finkelstein is an entrepreneur, lawyer, and the Chief Operating Officer at Shopify.

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Nicole Verkindt

Nicole founded OMX (Offset Market Exchange) and invented a software solution that matches up the biggest aerospace players with Canadian technology partners.

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Michael Hyatt

Michael Hyatt, a self-made millionaire by age 25, is a mentor and investor in many start-ups, including the Rotman's School of Business Creative Destruction Lab and The Founders Institute.

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What is Next Gen Den?

Next Gen Den is Dragons' Den for an online world. Shorter and made for mobile, Next Gen Den is a launching pad for young entrepreneurs, pitching startups and early-stage businesses to the next generation of Dragons.

PIQ Pass allows commitmentphobes to try out new hobbies for a flat monthly subscription

PIQ Pass is a subscription platform that gives you unlimited access to a variety of classes and activities ranging from art to cooking to fitness. Will the Dragons subscribe?

The Sky Guys: Watch what happens when a drone flies into the Den

The Sky Guys land in the Den with their aerial drone service, but will their pitch fly with the Dragons?

Can essay editing for ESL students scale to be worth a Dragon investment?

This business provides editing services for students that are geared towards improving their English skills. Can it scale enough for the Dragons?

She left her small business to help other small businesses now she’s the one that needs Dragon help

Georgette Packaging provides custom, small-order packaging to niche businesses like bakeries. Will the Dragons wrap this one up for themselves?

He’s only 17 and he’s looking for $50,000 for his impressive technology

Bitness enables retailers to learn about their customers through wifi-based technology that tracks their behaviour — will the Dragons buy in?

Picnix delivers fully loaded picnic baskets

Picnix delivers food, blankets and outdoor picnic essentials to destination locations in Vancouver for al fresco dining. Will the Dragons pick or nix this deal?

Coffee Mobile’s app connects retail workers to trade shifts

Coffee Mobile (now Shyft) is an app that allows retail workers to offer and cover shifts for coworkers. Will the Dragons pick this one up?

Endy Sleep sells what they claim to be the most comfortable mattresses in the world

Endy Sleep makes one model of mattress that they sell online directly to consumers. Will this prospect be a Dragon dream or just a nightmare.

Don’t trust buying used furniture online? Furnex promises quality control

Furnex is a site that allows customers to locally buy and sell gently-used furniture, while managing payment and delivery. Will they score a Dragon deal?

Forget your resume, HigherMe has a better way to get you hired

Higher Me is a job search site that helps retail and hourly employers hire better employees faster. Can it recruit the Dragons with a giant valuation?

Selena Gomez and Ice Cube are clients but can Wavo win over the Dragons?

Wavo is a simple music marketing tool for artists to get their music seen by the world. Can its huge valuation justify a big deal from the Dragons?

Tailor2Go’s truck comes to you and takes 450 measurements in seconds.

Tailor2Go is a custom mobile tailoring experience that comes to you. Will it be a good fit for the Dragons

Junked Food Co. Brings Their White Chocolate Mac & Cheese and More to the Den

Junked Food Co. is a restaurant serving unique junk food meals and they want to grow with a juicy Dragon deal.

Wove & Grain Sells a Premium Apron to Reduce Neck Strain. Is It Worth It?

Wove and Grain aprons use a special harness to prevent neck strain from aprons — will a Dragon investment take the strain off this business?

DineCasa wants you to book a meal in a stranger’s home. Would you?

DineCasa is a food app that matches hungry people with home-cooked meals — will the Dragons bite?

Can Toddly help you get rid of things your kids have outgrown?

Toddly, an online marketplace for secondhand kids’ gear, is looking for some Dragon equity to get it off the ground.

Sharp Scholar Wants to Help Change the World by Engaging Students

Sharp Scholar gives teachers real-time data on what is being learned, missed, and why.

Four Walls Pitch Their ‘Room-In-A-Box’ Home Furnishing

Online home furnishing biz Four Walls wants to redecorate your home with a 'room in a box', but first they need Dragon dollars.

PopRx Founders Pitch the Dragons on their Game-Changing App

Ali Esmail and Veejay Gandier, founders of PopRx, pitch the Dragons on an app they're hoping will be a game changer in the pharmaceutical industry.

Next Gen Den #12

The two business partners of SIDEKICK pitch their online tool that helps makes web-based platforms easier to use.

Next Gen Den #11

The entrepreneur behind Rayku thinks he will school the Dragons with his online tutoring program.

Next Gen Den #10

The creator of the Vertical Living Library pitches his idea to make condo living easier and the founders of Mangia hope the Dragons want a bite out of their new food finding app.

Next Gen Den #9

The creator of Wedding Wall thinks his interactive slideshow company is a match for the Dragons, and a partner from Wealthsimple pitches his online investment website.

Next Gen Den #8

Business partners hope their app myHealthSphere (now known as Optimity) will challenge the Dragons to work out a deal.

Next Gen Den #7

Scent Trunk hopes to sniff out a deal for their fragrance of the month club, and business partners from iApotheca Healthcare pitch their pharmacy software solution.

Next Gen Den #6

Business partners from Urbery pitch their outsourced grocery delivery service. Then the duo from Tinselit hopes the Dragons wrap up a deal for their gift giving website.

Next Gen Den #5

Two childhood friends pitch HWKI INC, a wearable camera for hockey players and business partners from WIRL hope to receive positive feedback for their performance review software.

Next Gen Den #4

The creator of Urban Hamper thinks his dry cleaning service will clean up in the Den. Then a former swimmer pitches Logit, a new way for athletes to track their daily activities.

Next Gen Den #3

A pitcher hopes the Dragons will throw him some cash for his new sport accessory, and business partners hope to snap up a deal for their photo sharing app.

Next Gen Den #2

The creators of Singspiel think their musical app will have the Dragons playing along and a partner from FuelWear Smart Apparel heats up the Den with his battery-powered baselayer.

Next Gen Den #1

Two best friends pitch #paid, a marketing platform that utilizes social media celebrities and the duo behind Swish aims for a slam-dunk deal for their digital coaching app.