Season 17

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Episode 10, Season 17

In the season finale, a designer hopes her custom demonstration will sew up a Dragon deal; and a decorated entrepreneur hopes her journey to success lights a fire under the Dragons


Episode 9, Season 17

A married couple looks to scrub out the competition; and a company seeks an investment for a fetching new treat. Plus, a determined plant lover believes a deal will take root.


Episode 8, Season 17

Big city distillers hope happy hour comes with a deal, and an east coast team hopes their latest innovation will be music to the Dragons ears.


Episode 7, Season 17

a team of restaurateurs noodle over the possibility of receiving a Dragon investment and a student flexes an opportunity for gains.


Season 16

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Episode 10, Season 16

This week in the Den, an entrepreneur wants to add a Dragon to his team. Plus, a husband and wife duo look for a Dragon partner to take their business from the ground up.


Episode 9, Season 16

This week in the Den, childhood friends look to impress the Dragons with their baggage. Plus, brothers hope to win the Dragons over piece by piece.


Episode 8, Season 16

This week in the Den, siblings want the Dragons to let their inner child out. Plus, a journalist hopes to show the Dragons proof that she can roll out some major dough.


Episode 7, Season 16

This week in the Den, a chiropractor looks to pump the Dragons for a deal. Plus, a couple looks to prove that where there’s a will there's a way.


Season 15

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Episode 9, Season 15

This week, a duo hits the sweet spot in the Den! Later, an entrepreneur calls on a familiar friend to help them out.


Episode 8, Season 15

In this episode, business partners look to smooth the bumps out of their pitch. Also an East Coast duo looks to mount a successful pitch.


Episode 7, Season 15

This week, two friends hope an investment in their sustainable product will leave them swimming in cash.


Season 14

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Episode 8, Season 14

Business partners hope the Dragons will be intoxicated by the pitch they’ve brewed up, an entrepreneur looks to inspire the giving spirit, and more!


Episode 6, Season 14

A chocolate company hopes the Dragons get a sugar high, a mother and daughter team offer the Dragons a deal and a date, and more!


Season 13

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Episode 19, Season 13

A furniture company wants to avoid getting drilled by the Dragons, a yoga instructor hopes to bring some zen into the Den with some furry friends, and more!


Season 12

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Episode 20, Season 12

A thirst-quenching proposal has the Dragons energized for a deal, a volcano owner goes up against Dragon fire, and much more!


Episode 19, Season 12

Taekwondo athletes enter the Den fighting, a financially-fit duo hope to prove they can make every cent count, and more!


Episode 18, Season 12

An entrepreneur rides into the Den thirsty for an investment, a group of students hope the Dragons turn their virtual dream into a reality, and more!


Episode 17, Season 12

An auto enthusiast hopes to drive away with a deal, a fitness enthusiast says her energetic demo will help the Dragons get a grip and more!


Season 11

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Episode 19, Season 11

A sports-themed company wants to prove they’re ready to lay it all on the table, an online business prepares to buck up against its own industry, and more!


Episode 18, Season 11

Brothers with a short term product hope for a long term partner, a beauty product reveals its secret ingredient, and more!


Episode 17, Season 11

An active pitch hopes to break down barriers in the Den, a DNA-based business performs a paternity test, and more!


Season 10

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Episode 21, Season 10

A colourful pitch hopes a Dragon will join their party plans, a fitness pitch has the Den breaking a sweat, and more!


Episode 20, Season 10

A television producer hopes the Dragons will give his concept a green light. Plus, a premium twist on a classic Canadian beverage, and much more!


Episode 18, Season 10

A business sails into the Den looking for a share of the Dragons’ loot, a former waitress thinks she can charm her way into a sweet deal, and much more!


Season 9

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Episode 20, Season 9

On this special episode of Dragons’ Den, we celebrate success in every form. And for the first time ever, the Dragons reveal their secrets to success.


Episode 19, Season 9

A company hopes to scare the Dragons into joining an apocalyptic deal and an entrepreneur thinks a cap in hand presentation will win the Dragons over.


Episode 18, Season 9

A brave entrepreneur hopes his product won’t put him on a razor’s edge and a long-time entrepreneur hopes his bitter story helps him make a sweet deal.


Episode 17, Season 9

Three friends hope they will be able to toast to a Dragon deal and a pair of nurses think the Dragons will want in, after they have a chance to sleep on it.


Season 8

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Episode 19, Season 8

A pair of entrepreneurs challenge the Dragons to man-up, students leave a lasting impression, and the Dragons consider taking a bite out of a family business.


Episode 18, Season 8

On this episode of Dragons’ Den, a pitcher hopes to take the sting out of summer, and a coffee that nearly puts the Dragons to sleep.


Episode 17, Season 8

On this episode of Dragons’ Den, a couple pitch their Bollywood-inspired business idea and a retiree claims he has an “invisible” solution when it comes to sagging pants.


Season 7

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Episode 19, Season 7

A new step in the world of women's footwear, a bicycle innovation hopes to wheel out of the den with a deal, and more!


Episode 18, Season 7

A detox delivery business look for a natural partner, an artist hopes her Disney dream doesn't turn into a nightmare, and more!


Season 6

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Episode 20, Season 6

The Dragons find out what's smart in branded phone casings; a water dispenser soaks up some offers; and a home improvement invention impresses.


Episode 19, Season 6

A toilet accessory needs a flush of Dragon cash; a hockey website tries to net a deal; and a web-based shop says it has every occasion wrapped up.


Episode 18, Season 6

The Dragons are introduced to the friend-zone; a nutrient-rich powder tries to benefit the Dragons' wallets; and a ski mask gets masculine.


Season 5

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Episode 20, Season 5

On this season finale - the Dragons battle it out over some of the best ideas ever brought to the Den.


Episode 19, Season 5

An entrepreneur plans to franchise her poop and scoop business; an eco-friendly gift that will grow on you; and eyewear to match your every look.


Episode 18, Season 5

A pitcher sweats it outs when the Dragons turn up the heat; a novelty item looks to Kevin for an endorsement; and a tasty snack in search of a healthy investment.


Episode 17, Season 5

A new game of hockey has the Dragons turning in circles; a DVD that will keep golfers playing nice on the green; and one size fits all pants.


Season 4

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Episode 20, Season 4

From humble beginnings and darker days, to the joys of personal and professional milestones, this distinctive finale reveals the Dragons like never before.


Episode 19, Season 4

A pitch powers up to the tune of 1.5 million dollars; a recession fighting rock business; and a premium vodka business dances for dollars.


Episode 18, Season 4

All five Dragons go in on a million dollar offer; an eco-friendly business is willing to give it all up; and a hotel check-in business that doesn't have any clientele.


Episode 17, Season 4

The Dragons are treated to dessert in hopes that they dish out a deal; and a condom that will keep both you and the environment safe.


Season 3

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Episode 12, Season 3

The Dragons and some of our most memorable entrepreneurs weigh in on what went right and what went wrong in the den.


Episode 11, Season 3

The Dragons get generous during the holidays with almost 3 million dollars in deals in just one episode!


Episode 10, Season 3

The Den goes green with a frenzy of eco-preneurs: golf tees with a twist, cutlery that slices through Kevin's critique, and more.


Episode 9, Season 3

An encore pitch from last season's epic inventor, a chilly invention turns up the heat, and an eco-invention melts The Dragons' frosty exterior.


Season 2

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Episode 10, Season 2

A Christmas tree stand with one-hand setup; an on-demand email security system; and edible treats to fool horses into taking their medicine.


Episode 9, Season 2

An organized young woman charms the Dragons with her drive and determination and an 82-year-old inventor sings for his supper and his snow shovel.


Episode 8, Season 2

The Prime Minister's personal chef helps two brothers trying for a sweet deal and the Dragons take down a young mother's idea to connect with family and friends.


Episode 7, Season 2

A high-energy entrepreneur skates circles around the Dragons; an underground fortune that requires major digging; and a business that goes to the dogs.


Season 1

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Episode 7, Season 1

In this special encore presentation of the premiere episode of Dragons' Den, an exercise machine has the Dragons lacking motivation.


Episode 6, Season 1

A pitch for a hi-tech billboard and an entrepreneur tries to convince the Dragons there's big business in custom-made pet products.


Episode 5, Season 1

A hopeful entrepreneur enters the Den with cheeky underwear and things heat up in the Den when an entrepreneur pitches a new spin on cook stoves.