Vincenzo Guzzo

Vincenzo Guzzo

Vincenzo Guzzo is a Mega Boss: a sassy entertainment mogul who has disrupted the movie landscape by living and breathing 'the Canadian dream.' As the only son of Italian immigrants, he always believed he could turn his dad’s small theatre business into the mega-scaled empire it is today — he just needed to take on “the big guys.” Armed with his own law and business degrees - Vincenzo quickly became a Mega Boss of megaplex theatres and the businesses he built alongside them.

In 1998, Guzzo did just that when he used his Law and Business degrees to sue the biggest movie competition in Canada to gain equal opportunity for “the little guy” to show first-run releases — and won!

Twenty-three years later, Guzzo is the president and CEO of Cinémas Guzzo, the largest independent operator in Quebec and the third largest movie exhibitor in Canada. His chain has a total of 145 screens: nine IMAX cinemas and 10 locations with more set to open over the next three years. Size does matter to Cinémas Guzzo.

Not one to let opportunity pass, Guzzo had another vision while building his Megaplexes — this time creating opportunity for himself. All Cinémas Guzzo locations were built by another Guzzo holding, turning Groupe Guzzo Construction Inc. into one of the most successful general contracting outlets in Quebec.

In 2019, Guzzo expanded operations again and has become a restaurateur. He owns  two fine-dining Italian pizzerias, Giulietta, with a third in the works. Can’t get to one of his restaurants? No problem. Guzzo is now selling his pizza  direct to consumers through and within Cinemas Guzzo locations. He also pivoted into the retail food space with Good Pantry, Giulietta @ Home, and Mr. Sunshine popcorn and chocolates hitting store shelves soon.

Vincenzo is the proud and loving father of five children. He and his wife, Maria, are renowned philanthropists, giving generously to numerous hospitals and culminating in the establishment of the Guzzo Family Foundation in 2007, which is aggressively invested in cancer nanotechnology research at Montreal’s Jewish General Hospital and McGill University. Guzzo’s contributions have been internationally recognized as he is the recipient of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal, was knighted by the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic and is a distinguished member of the Order of Malta.

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