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Come and take the journey.

From the Den to Canada's Store


Come and take the journey

Canadian Tire is always on the hunt to find new and innovative ways to help Canadians get the most out of life in Canada! We're thrilled to get a firsthand look at some of the newest and hottest products being created by Canadian entrepreneurs. We're keeping a close eye on what's new in this season of Dragons' Den with the hope of partnering with one or two deserving entrepreneurs, helping them get their products on the shelves of Canadian Tire stores across Canada!

Meet Greg
What it Takes to See Your Product on Canadian Tire Shelves

For the first time in its history, Canadian Tire is surprising two very lucky, very hardworking Dragons' Den entrepreneurs with the chance of a lifetime: they will be fast-tracking their products into all of its stores nationwide. It's a wish come true - and at the same time, an opportunity that presents a unique challenge for a small business owner.

Canadian Tire is always hunting for the latest innovative ways to help Canadians get through life in Canada, so partnering with Dragons' Den was the perfect way to get an inside look at some of the hottest undiscovered products from Canadian entrepreneurs and bring them to Canadian Tire customers across the country.

Normally, getting your product on Canadian Tire shelves takes a year -- and that's after it meets the retailer's criteria and undergoes considerable scrutiny. Putting a new product on the shelf often means another product has to come off, which takes lots of planning and coordination - especially when you have 503 stores across the country.

The journey begins
Surprising Upseat

Steve and Kim Pankratz caught Canadian Tire's attention with their ergonomic invention, The UpSeat. Watch as Greg Hicks pays the couple a personal visit to deliver them some life-changing news.

The journey begins
Surprising The Unscented Company

Anie Rouleau's fragrance-free product line sparked interest with Canadian Tire. Watch as Greg Hicks meets with Anie to surprise her with some monumental news for The Unscented Company.

Discover The UpSeat
Meet the inspiring family behind the ergonomic invention

When Steve Pankratz and Kim Kucher's son Jack was one, he couldn't sit on his own. His parents went scouring the internet looking for any kind of baby seat that might help him. Nothing seemed to work.

Jack has cerebral palsy. Good posture is particularly important to his health, especially for preventing problems later in life. His physiotherapists suggested sitting on a wedge to get the anterior pelvic tilt needed for sitting, but he just slid off. So his dad came up with a plan to carve a seat over the wedge using hardened window insulation foam - and The UpSeat was born


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