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Toni Desrosiers pitched her reusable food wrap, Abeego, in Season 11. The beeswax product protects food from air, light and moisture but is gas permeable like a peel — which helps food stay fresh longer than using conventional plastic food wrap.

When Desrosiers started Abeego in 2008, her company was shipping about five packages a week. Now, she says they’re shipping hundreds a week. Abeego has been a Canada Post Solutions for Small Business member since “forever.” The company has customers everywhere and that’s why they love shipping with Canada Post. “[It’s] one of the only service providers that delivers mail to very remote locations,” said Desrosiers.

Convincing consumers to go against conventional knowledge of food wrap hasn’t been a breeze, but Canada Post allows Abeego to offer free shipping to their e-commerce customers which eliminates that final barrier to making a purchase. “I thrive when I start seeing people thinking in a new way,” said Desrosiers. “And so when we’re shipping hundreds of packages a week, I know that people are changing the way they think about how to keep their food fresh.”


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