What the Dragons wish they learned in school

Everyone has had that “Why didn’t they teach me that in school?” moment. That’s the moment when you encounter some previously unknown-to-you fact or skill that seems like it should have to be on the curriculum, somewhere, at some point.

The Dragons have had that moment, too.

For Jim Treliving, the answer is simple.

“To stay in school longer,” he says. “That’s what I should have been taught. I didn’t listen. I was too itchy to get out and get in the workforce.”

Vincenzo Guzzo grew up in Quebec, where high school ends in Grade 11, and usually followed by a two year stint as a pre-university or technical college, known as CEGEP. Guzzo describes his time at CEGEP as “the two most wasted years of my life,” and adds that students would be better served taking two years to learn Canadian law.

“By learning my rights, I learned how to respect other people’s rights,” he says.

Manjit Minhas says that she wishes schools taught kids finance. She adds that when she started her first business, she had to hire an accountant to teach her the basics of finance.

Michelle Romanow says the problem with schools is that they often teach students to strive for perfection. “They teach you that 100 is better than 90, which is better than 80, which is better than 65,” she says. “Entrepreneurship isn’t about being perfect.”

Instead, she says, schools should teach kids how to be faster and efficient.

Lane Merrifield and Arlene Dickinson both wanted to be taught certain ideas, rather than subjects or facts. Dickinson says she wishes she was taught to dream bigger.

“I wish we were encouraging our kids and youth to believe that anything is possible, and they can achieve anything they set their mind to,” she says. “It’s about letting yourself see the possibilities, instead of the things that aren’t possible.

As someone who found school difficult, both socially and academically, Merrifield wishes he was taught “that I was going to be OK.” Merrifield only found his passion after graduation, and he wishes someone told him that having a tough time in school didn’t mean he couldn’t be successful in life.

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