The Dragons’ Den virtual audition cheat sheet

The producers of CBC’s Dragons’ Den are on the hunt to find the next big business in Canada. If you’re seeking capital for an established enterprise or even an interesting idea, the Dragons could help launch your business to the next level.

You can apply to the show online. Due to safety restrictions surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, we are only doing virtual auditions this year (via Zoom).

*only select applicants will be contacted for a virtual audition with a producer

Here’s a list of hot tips for a successful audition:

What producers are looking for:

  • The opportunity: Identify the opportunity for the investor. What’s your competitive edge? Why is this the next great deal, and why are you the entrepreneur to invest in?
  • The story: It’s the human connection in a world of financials that producers are looking for. There’s always a story behind your motivation, a story behind the lightbulb moment. Something that people can relate to and makes them want to find out more.
  • The passion: Don’t come to an audition and press play on a video and hope that it speaks for you. Producers are looking for the most passionate, energetic presenters, and people who could spend hours discussing every detail of their fascinating business.
  • The money: Dragons are looking to invest in legitimate opportunities. They want to put their dollars to work, not do the work for you. Producers need to know what this deal will do for YOU. Why do YOU need the investment? Be sure to highlight exactly why you need an investment and what you plan to do with the money.
  • The TV show: Put your best foot forward. This is television, not PowerPoint! Talking about stats and forecasts can get a little dull. Ask yourself: what’s going to make millions of new customers stay glued to their TVs to find out about YOUR product or business? How will your pitch stand out? Think of some entertaining elements that could help your pitch stand out at auditions and in the Den.

What to bring to auditions:

  • Products/essentials for audition: Show us your product! Producers want to see it all. It’s your one shot to get to pitch to the Dragons, so don’t leave anything out.
  • All your energy and enthusiasm! The producers want you to pitch just like you're in the Den, even though they only get to see you through a computer screen.
    Alternative ways to showcase your product: We know that in person the producers would've been able to taste, smell, or touch your product, to truly understand what makes your product better than your competitors'. But we also understand the limitations of virtual auditions — you just have to explain, demonstrate, provide testimonals, and use creative ways to convince us that your product is the best.

Flow of audition:

  • Pitch like it’s the real deal: You’ve seen the show, you know what they say. The producers want to know you can stick to a format. “Hello Dragons/producers, my name is Jane, I’m from Toronto, Ontario, and I’m here seeking $100,000 for 20% of my business, Jane's Book Store.”
  • Elevator pitch: The next thing producers want to know is: “What are you pitching?” Make it clear and concise. If you can’t explain EXACTLY what your business does in approximately one minute, it’s too complicated for television.
  • Demonstrate product or service: This is where some entertainment comes in. You’ve just told us, now show us what your business or product does!
  • Q&A with producers: You don’t need to tell producers your sales in the elevator pitch, they’ll ask! Just like on the show, once you’ve explained what the business does, producers are going to turn into Dragons and start asking all the interesting details our Dragon panel might want to know. However, if you feel producers have missed something that could be important, shout it out! Also, this is the time to ask any further questions you have about the audition process and any next steps.

That’s pretty much it, the rest is up to you! Good luck and see you at auditions!