The Dragons’ Den Effect: Episode 4

Appearing in the Den has a tendency to change lives - increased sales, new distributors, and emails from across the country. We like to call it "The Dragons' Den Effect." Each week, Dragons' Den producers will follow the successes and track the big news, and give you the inside scoop on what happened to these entrepreneurs after their big debut. This week we checked in some of our hardworking pitchers from Episode Four.

Smith Hart and Mat Lund of Hart Brothers Wrestling received many phone calls, emails and messages from people expressing excitement and support for the return of Stampede Wrestling. Following the episode's airing they received over 10,000 hits to their website. Smith and Mat are excited for their big event in Barrie, Ontario on November 6th and hope to re-launch wrestling events on a more permanent basis.

Ingrid Johansson and Raf Khoury of Matchmaker Pet said they received a lot of positive feedback from other pet owners who desired to breed their pets. They had many new visitors to their website with lots of people signing up to begin the matching process. They gathered their closest friends (and furriest friends) for an intimate viewing party at their home. Ingrid and Raf successfully found a match for their beloved dog Foto and she gave birth to a baby boy named Flash.

And it was a memorable evening for Trevor, Chris and Kathleen Williams of Bottle Bin along with their dad Andy Williams. They hosted a party at Boston Pizza in Aurora, Ontario with 200 guests in attendance. Over the next 48 hours they were flooded with emails and phone calls - everything from customers, to interested distributors and manufacturers, to people looking for jobs. Between 8:55pm and 9:00pm ET alone they received 1000 unique visitors to their website (that's almost 4 visits a second). And to top it all off, following the show they received a phone call from Home Hardware who have committed to launching Bottle Bin nationally in their stores.