The 5 Sexiest Dragons’ Den Pitches

From sex trade shows to a team of hunky junk removal experts, the Den sure has seen its fair share of racy pitches over the years, proving it's not always business before pleasure.

Here are five of the sexiest Dragons' Den pitches:

1. Panty By Post


If panties are your thing, (who knows, you could be one of those ‘commando’ types, and that’s cool) then maybe you’d like getting a pair in the mail every month.

Boasting that their line of fancy undergarments will ‘make the postman blush’, pitchers Natalie Grunberg and Lori Sholzberg bring a rather unique and sexy idea to the Den. Over the course of a year, Panty By Post will mail one pair of underwear a month to your significant other. It’s a great way to score some bonus romance points, just make sure your partner knows it’s you before they get creeped out.

Kevin goes out with ‘extreme panty prejudice’, whatever that means. And while it may not be the most investable business, it’s still a creative way to say ‘I love you’.

2. Art For Doctors


Artists have had fun depicting human genitalia for years, and Vancouver’s Masha Tikhonova isn’t shy about showcasing her anatomically inspired works in the Den.

Meant in part to adorn doctor’s offices, Masha shows off a range of vivid and colourful art, each portraying a different part of the human anatomy. Things get weird when Arlene has to match each painting to a particular Dragon, but hey, at least they don’t start arguing about who gets to be the vulva. And yes, in case you were wondering, bad sex puns abound.

3. Hunky Haulers


If strapping hunks in a giant-sized pickup swings your string, have a look a Hunky Haulers.

A junk removal business with more than just a catchy name, calling these guys up will make the ugliness of clearing clutter a lot easier on the eyes. And with sales approaching $1M back when they pitched in season 8, pitcher Anthony Jones proves there’s brains to go along with the brawn.

4. Sexapalooza


Sporting black latex outfits with cat ears, skimpy lingerie and a man in some sort of muscle paint, Liz Lewis’ Sexapalooza stands out as one of the Den’s more racy pitches.

Essentially an adults-only trade show, the pitch turns a few heads but ultimately fails to turn anyone on, largely because it wasn’t yet profitable. And as Kevin and Arlene start jawing at each other over the valuation, one realizes that for a Dragon, money will always be the first appeal.

5. 4Play Creative


Billed as ‘novelty items for adults with a sense of humour’, mompreneur Jen Blaikie’s 4Play Creative was a hit in the Den.

With fun, cheeky products like the ‘She-A-Pet’, the ‘Gingerbed’ and ‘Mr. Weenie Roaster and Mrs. Boobie Toaster’ there’s a lot to like here. The Dragons even get knotted up in a hilarious round of bed-based Twister, and heap praise on Jen’s sense of fun, creative kink.

The only shortcoming? Jen’s silly and sexy startup is still too premature for investment.

Think we missed something? Let us know down in the comments section.

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