The 5 Most Heartwarming Dragons’ Den Pitches

Previously, we took a look at the 5 Funniest and the 5 Most Cringeworthy Dragons’ Den pitches, but today we’re offering up some of the show’s more tender moments. These pitches prove that even though the Den is all about business, there’s always room for a heartwarming story.

1. Mootine


Do you know how many pitches have ended with a marriage proposal? The answer is one, and this is it. Edward Dorian enters the Den to pitch poutine, and instead of leaving with a deal, he leaves with his new fiancé. Bonus points for the adorable cow suit.

2. I for E Mini


Stock market whiz kid Julian Marchese blew the Dragons away during the season six Student Special. He’s only halfway into his pitch when Jim exclaims “I love him!” and you can see why.

By the age of 14, he’d already created software that would automate day trading — while attending school! The heartwarming part? Julian explains he became interested in stocks to help his parents make ends meet. No wonder the Dragons wound up fighting over him.

3. Easy Daysies


A hard-working mother of three, Elaine Comeau worked around the clock to get her business off the ground. Unable to ‘keep up with orders,’ she enters the Den hoping for a deal to continue growing her company, which makes magnetic schedules for kids.

The Dragons love it almost instantly, and even Kevin admits Elaine is “a dream for selling it, it’s just oozing out of you.” Moments later, she’s faced with three strong offers from the Dragons.  We won’t spoil it for you, but rest assured there’s a warm and fuzzy ending to this one.

4. Hope Blooms


If you’re not moved by Hope Blooms, you must be Kevin O’Leary. A grassroots project that teaches at-risk youth how to grow and make their own food, Hope Blooms is one of the most inspiring stories ever seen in the Den.

They began by nursing an abandoned, littered garden back to health, and then used it to make their own line of tasty salad dressings. But their real accomplishment has been providing kids with the tools and resources to build a positive, productive and loving community.

5. 3D Sawhorse Bracket


Sam Koffski, 82, first patented his innovative sawhorse bracket in 1989, but by the time the patent expired, he’d never made any real money off of it, despite racking up $5.2M in sales.

He brings it to the Dragons hoping they can help him with a licensing deal, but without a patent they’re reluctant at best. That is, until Sam’s son, Sid Koffski, speaks up, explaining he just wants to see his dad’s product finally make it to store shelves. His plea hits one kind-hearted Dragon in the sweet spot, and one year later, Sam finally gets his wish.

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