Think like a Dragon: the mindset for success

Ever wonder how the Dragons became successful? It’s no secret that it didn’t happen overnight. Each of the Dragons has distilled their success down to a conscious mindset — a way of thinking that they translate into how they live. Here are the Dragons’ mindsets for success.

The secret to my success is working hard and being passionate. Said by Manjit Minhas

What’s Manjit Minhas’ mindset that drives her to success? The belief in working hard and being passionate about what she pursues. So far, it’s worked out well for her. Despite going to school for petroleum engineering, she found her passion in the alcoholic beverage industry, ultimately launching Minhas Brewery.

Manjit and her brother entered the industry together when they were both still in school and she was only 19. They began by importing spirits for their parents’ liquor store chain, and grew to be the 10th-largest craft brewing company in the U.S.

It’s about having fun and working hard. Said by Jim Treliving

When Jim Treliving first walked into Edmonton’s Boston Pizza and Spaghetti House in 1966, he knew he had to turn that tasty Italian food into a big brand. And so he did — Boston Pizza International Inc. is now Canada’s number one casual dining company. Along with Boston Pizza, he’s invested in many other successful business ventures including ones in sports entertainment, Mr. Lube, and others.

The common theme? Jim invests in companies he believes in and spurs their growth through hard work.

If you find what you’re doing both fun and challenging, as Jim has, you and your partner are more likely to both enjoy it and work together to be successful at it.

The desire to be continuously successful is what drives me. Said by Joe Mimran

Joe Mimran loves few things more than a good challenge. In fact, he says it’s his primary motivation.

In challenging himself to find continuous success, he’s gone from delivering groceries for his family’s business to building several of his own fashion labels from the ground up. Joe continues to search for businesses to invest in that both pique his interest and have that ‘next big thing’ potential.

There are benefits to taking risks — because not everybody does it. Said by Michael Wekerle

Michael Wekerle is a risk-taker. The first big leap of faith he took in his career was dropping out of York University, after only a year of study, to take a coffee-running job at the Toronto Stock Exchange. That, combined with his gregarious personality and impeccable memory, set him apart from the pack and sparked the beginning of a successful career in finance.

Sometimes you just have to take a calculated risk — or many, as Michael has done — and trust that it will pay off.

Success comes from taking that fear and continuing to be courageous. Said by Michele Romanow

Michele Romanow was still in her undergrad when she started her first company, The Tea Room. However, she knew she couldn’t truly succeed as an entrepreneur if she stayed in the safety net of school. She was young and still trying to find her footing, but she didn’t want to let her fear keep her from trying to find success. So after she graduated, she took the plunge and started Evandale Caviar and went on to build up several successful tech businesses.

By living her mindset, Michele turned her fears and doubts into constructive energy that ultimately helped her get to where she is today.

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