Jim Treliving, who's been a fixture on Dragons' Den for 15 seasons, is leaving the show.
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Saying ‘see you later’ to our longest-standing Dragon: Jim Treliving

Say it ain’t so, Jim!

Fan favourite Jim Treliving, the longest-standing Dragon in the Den and owner of Boston Pizza, has decided to step down from his role as the senior statesman of the show.

The fifteenth season that ended in 2020 was his final one.

Jim’s longevity as a Dragon is rivalled only by Arlene Dickinson, who joined the show in Season 2. But Jim was there from the start, anchoring a panel that has seen a number of personnel changes over the years.

From day one, viewers loved his down-to-earth Manitoba charm, savvy deal-making and competitiveness with the other Dragons. When Jim decided he liked an entrepreneur’s business, he would often steal the deal at the last minute by playing his ace: “I’ll give you exactly what you came for.” His investments in a wide range of Canadian ventures that pitched in the Den have boosted his already-considerable net worth.

And despite his kind-hearted, almost fatherly manner, Jim could be quite the enforcer when necessary. He drew on his years of experience with the RCMP on a couple of occasions when pitchers became obnoxious or unruly — standing to his full six-foot-four height and ushering them briskly out the door.

Jim Treliving sits in a chair and points his finger while talking to someone off frame.
Jim Treliving in the middle of talking to a pitcher on Dragons' Den. (CBC)

Although a new Dragon has been appointed, Jim will forever remain a Dragon in spirit, and will appear in a number of update episodes during the coming season to showcase how some of his more recent investments are progressing.

Thanks for everything, Jim.
We love you!

– Dianne Buckner, host of Dragons' Den