Pitches From The Past: A Whole Lotta Healing Going On

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In this edition of Pitches From The Past, we look back at Clayton Hollingsworth's Higher Vibrations Wholistic Healing and Wellness pitch (say that 3 times fast) from Season 4.

This pitch is priceless for a few reasons, and perhaps serves as proof that karma is real.

First off, Clayton is one of the few pitchers in Den history who doesn't approach the Dragons with an actual 'ask', he merely states that he's open to receiving whatever support they can offer. Of course, this causes more than a few pairs of eyes to roll. This is the Den after all, and the Dragons' primary focus is making money. You might think at this point that the pitch is doomed - but you can clearly see the Dragons' ears perk up a little - even if it's just out of morbid curiosity.

Second, this pitch remains another great example of how to stand up to a Dragon, without compromising yourself. Despite a flurry of jokes, Clayton stands firm and refuses to let the Dragons' ruffle his feathers, and he does it very calmly. That alone is a great feat.

And finally, the curveball. The outcome of the pitch seems to hang in the balance, but then there's a clear turning point where the Dragons shift from unruly to pacified, and the end result is anything but predictable. But you'll just have to watch and see.

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