Your Box Club Finds Its Flow on Next Gen Den

Next Gen Den is Dragons' Den for an online world.

Shorter and made for mobile, Next Gen Den is a launching pad for young entrepreneurs, pitching startups and early-stage businesses to the next generation of Dragons. Haven't seen it yet? Watch it above and then read what Your Box Club had to say about their experience below!

What’s the pitch?

Your Box Club wants women to know exactly what goes in their box.

The company is taking a stand against harmful chemicals found in leading menstrual products, by selling and delivering 100 per cent organic tampons, pads and reusable menstrual cups. Charlotte Burke, Alex Contini and Anita Chauhan pitched their service on the new tech and start-up focused Next Gen Den.

For $10, the company offers the ability to create a customizable box of 16 organic tampons with varying absorbencies — a unique feature captured in their slogan, “It’s your box. Know what goes in it.”

Their goal is to help bring an awareness to the importance of using organic menstrual products. Non-organic cotton tampons contain rayon, pesticides, bleach, and chlorine. If left in too long, these chemicals can cause serious infection and even lead to Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS), which can result in death. Your Box Club aims to aid women in redefining their personal care by promoting safe menstrual health.

What did the Dragons think?

While investor Michael Corrin said the company’s business model fell a bit short — at the time of the pitch, Your Box Club’s prices worked out to about $1 per tampon for a box of 36 — he did praise Your Box Club's pitch in other ways.

Corrin called the founders “branding visionaries,” even though Burke, Contini, and Chauhan were not offered a deal on Next Gen Den.

Burke said, “We we’re hoping that when we left the Den, we would be leaving with a strategic partner that could mentor us.”

What did they learn?

The founders of Your Box Club were held back in the Den by a lack of familiarity with their numbers, but Burke says the team has since built on that criticism.

“Looking back at our pitch, we wish we had come more prepared and known our numbers!” Burke said. “We went into the Den hoping the dragons would see the value in our brand — a brand that we’ve created a demand for and that appeals to a variety of women.

“Even though we left the Den without a deal, we were so grateful to have the opportunity to pitch to the Dragons. It was an incredible learning opportunity that gave us direction.”

What’s next?

The experience on Next Gen Den has proved to be very valuable for Your Box Club. The founders managed to land a deal elsewhere and are even working on rebooting their website.

“Since the Den, we’ve pitched to another round of investors and are happy to announce that we’ve received an investment!” Burke said.

“We’ve managed to reduce the costs of our products considerably and will be re-launching very soon!”

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