Future Dragon #1: Rami Ghanem!

Dragons' Den and Kevin O'Leary are happy to announce our first Future Dragon Fund winner: Rami Ghanem! Kevin met Rami today in Calgary to give him his cheque.

Watch Rami's video submission above to hear his pitch to Kevin and check out our interview with him below!

"I have a strong interest in technology and the way things are done."

Rami is a grade 11 student at Lester B. Pearson High School in Calgary, AB. He is an active student representative and has a love for politics and government. He is involved with the Ministry of Education representing students and has travelled to China to promote educational ties between Alberta and China. Rami is also passionate about innovation and technology and has developed an employee clock-in and out iPad app as a personal initiative at his part-time job. Rami intends to use the $5000 to jumpstart his software business and is incredibly excited about winning. Congratulations Rami!

"I am ECSTATIC! The money will help jumpstart my business. It will also help and support me throughout the next few years."

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Meet the first winner of the Future Dragon Fund!

DRAGONS’ DEN: How did you hear about the “Future Dragon Fund” contest?
RAMI: I watch the show every Wednesday, I am a fan on the Facebook page and follow the Twitter page so I saw the information about the contest as soon as it opened.

DRAGONS’ DEN: What do you think of Season 8 so far?
RAMI: Season so far is good!  My favourite pitch so far is the web pitch Purasplash because I think it will work really well in high schools and universities.

DRAGONS’ DEN:  Why did you decided to apply and what was your pitch?
RAMI: I’ve been building smaller businesses over the past few years and when I found out about this opportunity I thought it would be a good idea to help jump start my own business. While I was working at a part time job I realized that the “clock in” and “clock out” routine was outdated. It didn’t function properly. I put forth an idea which would run off an application on an iPad that would recognize voices and faces.  The iPad application would allow employees and employers to manage their days better. So far the response to this endeavor is really good. I talked to my last manager and he liked the idea. He was even interested in putting it in some stores as a trial run. I also talked to the Principal at my high school and he agreed it would be a good idea and would be up for a trial run.

DRAGONS’ DEN:  What will you spend or invest the money in?
RAMI: I would spend the money on an iPad and some of the minor developing costs. It would help me start getting basic functionality in the creation of the application. If everything goes well I’m hoping to audition for next season with this idea.

DRAGONS’ DEN: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What are some of your goals?
RAMI: I plan on attending a University within the areas of political science and business commerce. I am a member of Minister of Education’s Student Advisory Council in Alberta. I was the representative in Grade 10 and this current year as well.  I applied a few years ago and based on my experience I was elected. Both of my interests lead in technology and innovation and politics and government. I want to continue to build my business and create innovative solutions. 

DRAGONS’ DEN:  How did you feel about winning $5000? What difference will the money make in your life?
RAMI: I am ECSTATIC!  The money will help jumpstart my business. It will also help and support me throughout the next few years. It will help me jump start my business, initial investments will come later on once I am established.

DRAGONS’ DEN: Tell us about your other passions or hobbies?
RAMI: I really like graphic designing and editing short movies. I also volunteer whenever I can and I organize and run activities for my school.

DRAGONS’ DEN: Who is your inspiration/ who do you look up to?
RAMI: I think if I’m talking about Politics the Mayor of Calgary. He has been supportive of our citizens during the recent Calgary flood. If I’m talking about technology and future businesses then Steve Jobs. His technological innovations really inspire me to continue growing and learning. 

DRAGONS’ DEN: If you were a Dragon which one would you think you are like? / Who’s your favourite Dragon?
RAMI: My favourites are definitely Kevin and Arlene. Kevin likes to build businesses and likes to make sure he’s making money while doing it. I agree with the fact that I like to invest in something that will make money right away. I really like how Arlene is really into the digital marketing side and media.