Dragons’ Den Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

Looking for some great stocking stuffer ideas that are far more creative than a lump of coal? Look no further, here you'll find everything from tasty treats to custom bobbleheads. 

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1. Lucky Lotto Scratcher

David Chettle from Fort Erie, ON, brings his lottery card scratcher into the Den.

What is it?
Putting a lottery ticket in someone's stocking? Why not add one of these. The Lucky Lotto Scratcher is makes scratching lottery tickets easy, it's environmentally friendly, it reduces mess, and it's lucky!

Price: $2

Where can you buy them?
You can order it online, or buy it in Wal-Marts and other stores across Canada.

2. ForeverSpin

Viktor Grabovskyy from Waterloo, ON, shows off his luxury spinning tops in the Den.

What is it?
It may look like a simple toy, but ForeverSpin makes premium spinning tops you can treasure in a variety of beautiful metals.

Price: Tops start at $50 CAD

Where can you buy them?
Shop online.

3. AWAKE Chocolate

AWAKE Chocolate energizes the Den!

What is it?
A chocolate bar that's got the same amount of caffeine in it as a cup of coffee. Perfect for underslept grumpy Dad's on Christmas morning. Not perfect for young kids about to tear open some presents.

Price: You can order a box of 12 for about $20.

Where can you buy them?
Generally available wherever chocolate bars are sold, but major stores include Loblaws, Rexall, Shopper's Drug Mart, Mac's and many more. You can also order online or use their store locator.

4. Squinchi

Inventor Cheryl Mazak from London, ON, looks to gain the Dragons’ support for her ergonomic device.

What is it?
Wrist pain and fatigue has become a common problem for office workers and anyone who frequently use a computer mouse. The Squinchi is a tiny ergonomic device that’s designed to give support to your wrist.

Price: $25

Where to buy?
Order the Squinchi from their website.

5. 1MiniMe

David Garneau from Lac St. Jean, QC, presents his customized bobbleheads in the Den.

What is it?
You don’t have to be an athlete to have your own bobblehead! In Season 10, David Garneau presented the Dragons with their own bobbleheads — and now you or someone you know can have one, too! Submit your image to the 1MiniMe website and their team creates a handmade miniature version of yourself.

Price: $130

Where to buy?
Create your bobblehead online on the 1MiniMe website.

6. OMGs

The guys behind Clodhoppers came to the Den looking for a deal on their newest idea, OMG's. Now, they're in stores all across the country.

What are they?
In the company's own words, OMG's are 'chocolatey graham clusters mixed with toffee bits', and if you haven't had the guilty pleasure of trying them yet you're missing out. A delightful stocking stuffer for just about anyone who likes chocolate, just don't expect them to share.

Price: $4-6 per 135g bag

Where can you buy them?
You can find OMG's in stores across Canada, including Loblaws, Sobeys, Atlantic Superstores, Shoppers Drug Mart and many more.

7. Cheekbone Beauty

Jenn Harper wows the Dragons with her inspirational story and mission to help Indigenous youth feel represented.

What is it?
Cheekbone Beauty is a socially conscious beauty brand that is Indigenous owned and founded. Their mission is to create space in the beauty industry where Indigenous youth feel represented. Each lipstick in their collection is named after strong Indigenous women. On top of that, their cosmetic line is high-quality and cruelty-free!

Price: Starting at $19

Where can you buy them?
You can order directly through their online shop.

8. Tiara Shower Cap

Zuly Matallana from Thornhill, ON, pitches her no crease, reversible shower cap.

What is it?
A shower cap that is functional, reversible, and sustainable! The Tiara Shower Cap protects your hair from water and humidity completely. It is machine-washable, durable and a perfect gift for your family and friends’ everyday needs.

Price: $24.99

Where can you buy them?
You can order online or through Amazon.

9. Lunata Beauty

Monica Abramov and Anastassia Boguslavskaya from Toronto, ON, demonstrate their wireless hair styler.

What is it?
If you're looking to splurge on a stocking stuffer — the world’s first cordless, full-sized, rechargeable styling iron may be the gift you're looking for! Lunata Beauty is revolutionizing the hair industry with their products that are perfect for on-the-go use. You can even pre-order their convertible curling iron/wand for 2020!

Price: Starting at $185

Where can you buy them?
You can order online or visit one of their retailers including: Ulta, Revolve, Amazon, and Nordstrom! Find the full list here.