Dragons’ Den Board Game Launches

Have you ever thought you had a flair for investing? Can you sense when a new invention will be a success or a disaster? What are your business talents - Negotiating? Marketing? Selling? Now you can put your abilities to the test with the new Dragons' Den Board Game, the official game of the top-rated entertainment program on Canadian television.

The Dragons' Den Board Game takes many of the elements from the show that has captured the attention of millions of Canadians over the past six seasons on CBC Television.

This family game, for up to six people to play, adults and kids age 8 and up, will give you lots to think about and even more to talk about as you hear about concepts for products and services; decide which ones have potential and how much you are prepared to invest. It's never straightforward because other players can force a bidding war, sabotage an investment and even steal money from the bank or another player! At the end of the investment round, turn over the Invention Card to hear the verdict and the story.

Was the idea a goldmine that made the inventor great wealth, a moderate success or a flop that was a disaster when launched or just a pipe dream? If you backed a winner and outsmarted the other 'Dragons', you could double your money. Complete the round of six inventions and the player who made the most return on their investments wins the game.

The Dragons' Den Board Game, priced under $30, is hitting retail shelves just in time for this holiday season and will make an ideal gift for any of the millions of fans of the show in Canada. It will be available nationally at Toys R Us stores and online at www.cbcshop.ca as well as at a number of specialty toys and games retailers. For a complete list of retail locations, go to the licensee/distributor's website www.kroegerinc.com.