‘Stay the f*ck home.’ Michele Romanow is doing it and wants you to do it, too

As most people spend their days in isolation to help flatten the curve against COVID-19, Molly Middleton, senior producer of Dragons’ Den, caught up with our Dragons in captivity to see how they’re doing.

So, welcome to Dragons’ Den — well, welcome to Michele Romanow’s den!

Are you at home and are you alone?

Michele’s business partner, Andrew D’Souza, also happens to be her life partner. While the two are used to seeing each other all day, working from home is very different from working in the same office. “The first week was fine. The second week we were worried about throwing each other off the balcony,” says Michele. “I think every couple had to find their new rhythm.”

It’s not quarantine and chill. “It’s quarantine and work harder than ever,” says Michele.

How has work changed?

On top of adjusting to working from home, Michele also had to figure out how to run a company with 200 employees in the middle of a crisis. To help maintain Clearbanc’s work culture, Michele and everyone in her company have daily “all-hands” Zoom calls to keep communication strong.

Michele doesn’t see this situation as a bad thing — she’s taking this opportunity to learn more about the people she works with. “I’ve been able to meet their kids every day, their dogs, their cats. I see them in their own homes.”

What else have you been up to during this time?

After hearing that doctors were working without personal protective equipment (PPE), Michele teamed up with her old business partner Anatoliy Melnichuk to source and donate PPE to multiple hospitals.


After seeing a tweet from a comedian asking the Dragons to pay $1,500 for 100 per cent of his rent, Michele saw this as an opportunity to help someone in need during these turbulent times. The tech titan Dragon ran a contest on social media where she promised to cover the winner’s rent for a month.



Michele’s contest sparked interest among others to sponsor people who needed help covering rent. “If we were given the power to have a platform as Dragons, we should use that when people are struggling,” says Michele.

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