Lindsay Cake, proposing to her girlfriend Lisa Hayward, on Dragons' Den.

She came for an investment in her jewelry business. She left with a deal — and an engagement ring!

One of Season 13's most memorable pitches came from Nanaimo, B.C.'s Lisa Hayward, owner of body jewelry business Culture Craze. Her appearance on the Den didn't just mark a change for her business, but for her entire life.

During her pitch, the Dragons heard how she acquired, grew and then almost lost her business during the Alberta recession, which began in late 2014. Through tears, Lisa described selling everything she owned, including pawning an old wedding ring, in order to make payroll and keep her business. The Dragons were wowed by her ability to recover from the devastating losses.

“That’s the true face of entrepreneurialism — putting everything you own and more on the line,” said Dragon and Minhas Breweries CEO Manjit Minhas. Lisa ultimately negotiated an incredible two-Dragon deal with Michele Romanow, Tech Titan and CEO of Clearbanc, and the aforementioned Beer Baroness, Manjit Minhas. But that wasn't the only amazing offer Lisa was going to get that day.

As the Dragons returned to their seats following their handshake deal, a quiet voice rose above the commotion. “Hey guys...”

That voice belonged to Lindsay Cake, Lisa’s girlfriend. After a long pause, Lindsay started to speak: “Babe, I know you already got one deal today, but…”

Then it happened. Lindsay dropped to one knee and proposed to Lisa in front of the Dragons. As Lindsay slid the ring onto her new fiancee’s finger, the whole studio erupted into cheers. Then the two walked out of the Den hand in hand.

That segment was shot almost a year ago, in April 2018. We wanted to find out what happened to Lisa and Lindsay. Did they get married? Was it happily ever after? Recently, we caught up with Lisa over the phone and asked her the questions everyone is dying to know.

It was 6:30 a.m. in Parksville, B.C., where the couple live. As the conversation began, she shared that Lindsay was up with the kids, tending to their needs and ensuring Lisa was able to take the call uninterrupted. You get the sense Lindsay is a natural caretaker. When Lisa spoke of her in the Den, she described her in the same way.

Lindsay and Lisa: the backstory

Lindsay and Lisa actually went to high school together, but that’s not where they connected romantically.

“We didn’t know each other,” says Lisa. “I knew of her, and she knew of me, but we ran in different crowds.”

Three years ago, they spotted each other on a popular dating app, and started going out. Remember that the next time someone tells you that no one finds true love online.

The Dragon deal

At the time she pitched on Dragons’ Den, Lisa was actively seeking investment. Her business needed a cash injection to continue the turnaround. She was thrilled to have the Dragons pledge a $400,000 investment. But a week after her pitch, the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) approved a $200,000 loan for Culture Craze. That was really the cash she needed. She pulled out of the deal with Manjit and Michele to keep the equity in her name. In December, Lisa spoke with Manjit again, who completely understood her desire to terminate the deal on the table after receiving a loan from BDC, but also left the door open to future investment.

Wedding planning vs. business planning

The wedding is still on, but Lisa and Lindsay say that there’s no rush now that Lisa’s business is starting to take off.

Dragons’ Den has been a really big part of why plans have slowed down” she says.

She’s put a lot of work into Culture Craze over the past year, looking to make the most of the experience, and the exposure.

“Once Dragons’ Den calms down, I’ll start planning the wedding,” she says, displaying the level-headedness we saw in the Den. “I want to enjoy it, I don’t want it to feel like a task.”

Overall though, Lisa and Lindsay are feeling good about the future, both personally and professionally.

“Every year is doing better,” says Lisa.

And that’s the secret, isn’t it? Whether in business or love, the things worth fighting for don’t come easily. It’s a constant process of working to better the end result.