6 wise life and business lessons from Jann Arden and Arlene Dickinson

(Photo credit: Jann Arden)

If you think being a musician isn’t a business, you’re fooling yourself.

In the first episode of the Venturing Out podcast, Arlene Dickinson sits down for a chat with singer, restaurateur — and her good friend — Jann Arden.

Here are six things we learned from listening to their candid, enlightening conversation.

1. Delegating duties is key

Don’t micromanage the people you’ve hired — you’ve hired them for a reason and they have the expertise that will help build your brand or company.

2. There’s something about never enough

Entrepreneurs always have the sense to move forward. “We’re constantly pulling on our experience but we’re always looking forward,” says Arlene.

3. Failing is good

“If you’re failing, you’re doing something really great because you’re trying,” says Jann. “Don’t be afraid to suck.”

4. Work is life and life is work

“I don’t separate them," says Jann. “This whole balance notion is such a bunch of crap,” Arlene adds.

5. It’s you vs. yourself

“We’re not competing with each other, we’re competing with ourselves,” says Arlene. “I think that is what entrepreneurs do.”

6. Don’t forget to enjoy reaching your goals

“The journey is so enticing that you sometimes forget to enjoy the moment,” says Arlene. “[To] entrepreneurs, it’s not about having it all, it’s about striving to do it all.”

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