An update on some of the people we interviewed for our story:

Gerald Ross

He's  been watching the XL pipeline being constructed out his front window and is still looking for work in the social support, rehab practitioner field.  A couple of weeks after we came to see Gerald, he got an email and phone calls from something called ‘The  European Lottery Commission’. They told Gerry he had won two million dollars, and all he needed to do was send $400 to cover the cost of having a cheque couriered to his door. Gerald’s reply? “This is a scam.  I am not sending anybody any money.”

Bruce Taylor

Bruce Taylor is still enjoying the good life in Houston, Texas.  Chuckling at our winter woes from his backyard by the gulf of Mexico.  Bruce recently got himself a 1941 BSA Motorbike, which he intends to  cruise around some state parks, even though “the thing will shake the fillings out of his teeth”. Since our documentary visited Bruce he has officially retired, and moved all of his money out of Canadian banks.  Bruce says he’s still checking his financial statements with great vigilance and regularity.

Monica Draper

Monica has continued to stay in touch with many of Whitter's victims. Her book, Raped Financially, has been a tremendous help in coming to terms with her situation. She says, "I now choose happiness. I can continue to dream my dreams, enjoy my friends, and work on trusting again. However … I am very mindful of who I choose to let into my life."  This year, the RCMP have laid charges and a warrant has been issued for Whitter’s arrest.  However Glenn Whitter is still at large.  

Jennifer Fiddian-Green

Jennifer remains passionate in raising awareness about fraud. She says we need to to protect our personal data but that institutions who collect data need to do a better job. "The control link in the chain is the organizations/institutions who receive and use the data- these organizations MUST undertake appropriate due diligence to make sure they are dealing with the right individual BEFORE any money is released.  This is how I understand we will truly start to put an end to these crimes." Meanwhile, online frauds continue.

Chris and Ray (Scam Eaters)

Chris has returned to his admin job at where members have partnered with to begin a competition to see how many scammer bank accounts they could report to authorities. In October alone, reported 737, bringing the total for fraudulent bank accounts reported to 6850 for 2014.  Ray recently helped a novice scam baiter to lure a conman across West Africa in a 14 daygoose chase. He's also been preparing a quarterly Skype event ‘Scammer Saturday’, where up to 20 scam baiters from assemble together on Skype and have a marathon 18 hours session, calling scammers and "making their miserable lives even more miserable".

Mary Ronaldson

Mary's had a great summer with lots of golf and this winter she's planning a Caribbean cruise, her first trip since the scam. About a year after she was scammed she got another call from someone claiming to be her grandson. When she demanded a name, the call was terminated. She says, "It is my hope that by airing this documentary, it will spare others from putting their money into the hands of criminals who are unmotivated to make an honest living. The people who do these scams are obviously smart, it's too bad they don't put their intelligence to better use. I think stealing money from seniors is almost as low as child predators, and I wonder how these people live with themselves." Mary's real grandson has graduated with excellent marks.

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