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John Gray books
How much do you know about Mars & Venus?

It's the 20 year anniversary for John Gray's book "Men Are From Mars, Women are from Venus".   In 1992 this book revolutionized the self help industry by selling millions of copies.   The New York Times best seller list added an advice category after this book started the wave of relationship books that spawned an entire industry. 

Did John Gray just get lucky with his title by hitting on the fact that we love sex differences or that we simply want to find that magic bullet to get along with the opposite sex?  Or is there real truth behind his claims?  Are men and women really different and if they are why?  Are our brains different?  Is it biological?  Is it conditioning?  Is it a new thing or an old thing? 

John Gray books
Is love still important?

Does this book help us solve the mystery of the opposite sex or does it throw us back to the 50s and only perpetuate gender stereotypes? 

Lise Elliot, author of Pink Brain, Blue Brain thinks there are more differences among women themselves and amongst men themselves then there are between men and women.  But Dr. Sandra Witelson argues that the differences are easy to see and they start at 7 weeks with males first testosterone wash in the womb.   John Gray says the basic problem is men are becoming too feminized and Canadian social commentator  Michael Kaufman says gender roles are what hinder both sexes. 

Mars Venus Today takes a look at this 1992 best seller to see what rings true in relationships between men and women today.

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