Roboticize Me Screening with HitchBOT

Roboticize Me Screening with HitchBOT

Last Saturday night there was a sold out crowd at the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto to see the world premiere of DocZone’s Roboticize Me.  The screening was part of the science centre’s BrainFest weekend event.

Documentary host Peter Keleghan  charmed the crowd with his wit,  and  had a funny – and touching!  reunion with hitchBOT -  the celebrity robot who appears in the show  and became last summer’s media star after hitch-hiking across Canada .

Host Nora Young of CBC Radio’s Spark led a lively panel discussion  - Peter K shared stories from  behind the scenes of Roboticize Me,  David Harris Smith talked about  the intersection of art and technology and the creation of hitchBOT, and Francis Jeanson of the Ontario Brain Institute explained how robotics can teach us about the human mind.

There were SO many audience questions  that there wasn’t enough time to answer them all , as well as photo ops with the panel participants, and a lineup of people eager to hang with hitchBOT.

As usual  the robot stole the show!

Watch some video from the event, courtesy of the Ontario Science Centre.

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