Meeting hitchBOT

By CBC Docs  

On July 27,  a cute wellies-wearing robot hit the road in Halifax to hitchhike its way across Canada.

hitchBOT is a social experiment designed to explore just how we interact with robots.. and whether we can trust the machines.. or they can trust us.

Host Peter Keleghan encountered hitchBOT before it started its big cross country trek.. and there were still a few bugs to work out in the smiley little 'bot. Let's just say that there were a few structural glitches.. and hitch needed a bit of TLC before setting off on its adventure.

If all goes well, hitchBOT hopes to arrive at an art gallery in Victoria sometime later this summer, thanks to the kindness of strangers.

hitchBOT will be featured in an upcoming Doc Zone about robots.  "Roboticize Me" will explore the relationships we're forming with our mechanical creations,  and what it says about the future. Tune in this winter for more.

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